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Integrated healthcare mobility solutions that deliver the results you need

Evolving regulations, greater scrutiny, staff shortages. Hospitals face a great many pressures that are driving the need for more efficiency, more data collection and better electronic records. The right solutions can overcome these challenges – but the wrong technology, or poorly implemented solutions, can compromise patient safety and rob clinicians of valuable time and attention […]

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6 steps to flawless fulfilment

6 Steps to Flawless Fulfilment

Ensure best practices for integrating mobile, wireless and data capture technologies into warehouse management with – 6 steps to flawless fulfilment The warehouse is at the centre of your business. It’s the key hub through which nearly everything in your business must pass – from raw materials and finished goods in a manufacturing plant, to […]

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Extended Support & Repair Hours

Extended Support & Repair Hours

              We continually strive to ensure our customers receive outstanding support and service. Following an extensive review of our customers operating hours and support needs, we have decided to consolidate our customer service and support facilities at our Castleford office. This will enable us to offer all our customers […]

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Connected Clinicians With Mobile Devices Help Hospitals Enhance Patient Care

As health care consumers, we increasingly seek out hospitals and health care providers that provide the best quality of care and an overall satisfying experience. To meet that desire and to extend care outside of the hospital, providers want to better “connect” their doctors and nurses to their patients, turning their staff into “connected clinicians.” […]

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Honeywell CK75

Honeywell CK75 Rugged Handheld Mobile Computer

Latest generation of mobile computers using Android – No compromise design that is 31% smaller and lighter than its rivals – including up to £250 trade-up discount A true no compromise solution! In addition to being smaller and lighter than others in its ultra-rugged class, the Honeywell CK75 mobile computer is optimised for warehouse and […]

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Enterprise Android for Transport and Logistics – moving people and cargo safely and efficiently

Android is transforming the workplace, from the factory floor and the warehouse, to the health centre and the chic fashion boutique. As the world’s most popular operating system – favoured by more than 80% of smartphone users worldwide – it’s familiar and easy to understand. And with Zebra Mobility DNA, together with the hardened security provided by built-in Zebra […]

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Introducing the TC51-HC Touch Computer for Healthcare

Deliver the Highest Quality Care with everything your clinician want, and everything your hospital needs with the TC51-HC Touch Computer for Healthcare • Perform all tasks including mobile computing, clinical collaboration, and data capture through one device. • Gain productivity with a device that is contemporary and easy to use as a smartphone, but built with durability […]

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Renovotec Launches Dedicated Service For 3PLs

Following the success of its short-term rental campaigns Renovotec, the UK’s fastest growing rugged hardware, software and services provider for warehousing and distribution, manufacturing and retail companies is launching a dedicated service for 3PLs – long-term rugged hardware rental scheme “designed to provide a lower-cost, lower-risk alternative to capital purchase” says Renovotec. Over a period of […]

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Live Supply Chain Mobility Demo

Live Supply Chain Mobility Demo Event – 23 May

Blast off your warehouse productivity – Register today for the event here Showing mobiles apps for: Goods Receipt Put-away Staging for Production Receipt from Production Picking & Packing Dispatch Plus you will see:- Movilizer apps that gives user friendly screens to complete tasks, SOTI Mobile device management & the latest Honeywell mobile devices to play […]

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warehouse android

Enterprise Android For Warehouse

DRIVE GROWTH WITH A SMARTER WAREHOUSE. When it comes to creating a real-time warehouse, only Zebra Technologies brings you true end-to-end solutions. Zebra hand-held devices for Android help your company wrangle increasing complexities by automating processes and simplifying operations. Android is the world’s most popular mobile operating system, so the largest range of enterprise devices […]

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