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Rental solutions for wireless networking

Rental Solutions as an Enabler for Extended or Pop-Up Networks

Wherever they may fall in the calendar, seasonal peaks in business add extra pressure on retail operations and the wider supply chain.

Especially if you’re thinking of a rental hardware solution or temporarily increasing your workforce.

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Two people looking at a tablet in a warehouse

Hardware rentals are a flexible, affordable solution for the modern supply chain

Empower your workers during peak seasons with hardware rentals, from mobile computers, barcode scanners, printers and more… The pressure on warehouse and logistic providers to respond quickly and effectively to seasonal spikes, and other periods of increased business, has been steadily growing over recent years.

But it isn’t always as simple as temporarily increasing headcount.

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A technician using voice-directed technology.

Why Voice-Directed Technology is More Than Just a Sweet Spot for Picking

Voice-directed technology is constantly evolving and improving, especially in the modern warehouse.

While it’s a proven technology that’s played a key role in the supply chain for decades, recent enhancements have helped refine the technology to improve the recognition of their input.

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Electronic Shelf Labels - ESLs

Electronic Shelf Labels: Upgrading the In-Store Experience for Customers and Retailers

How are electronic shelf labels revolutionising in-store retail experiences and operations?

In the ever-evolving landscape of retail and e-commerce, outlets are finding new ways to merge in-store experiences with the convenience of e-commerce and engage customers at the most critical purchase point- price.

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Modernising the Warehouse with Android Enterprise

Android Enterprise is Helping Modernise the Warehouse with Flexibility and Security

Rugged mobility remains a cornerstone of the industry, offering warehouse operators the ability to enhance every process and procedure in the fulfilment space.

However, without a reliable operating system such as Android in place, even the best mobile computers, wearables and management workflows are going to struggle to remain relevant in a highly competitive space.

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A woman using a Zebra industrial printer

The Changing Face Of Managed Print Services

Download MPS brochure Front office Managed Print Services (MPS) has gone through somewhat of an evolution because of the increased adoption of hybrid working.

But what about MPS in the rugged back-office space?

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IoT connected house, shown with wooden model and icons

Revolutionising Social Housing: Improve Living Standards Through Wireless & IoT Technologies

In the evolving landscape of social housing, technology has emerged as a cornerstone for transforming living environments into smarter, safer, and more inclusive communities.

Central to this transformation is the deployment of effective wireless networking technology solutions.

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The Renovotec Approach

The Renovotec Approach: Identifying your Key Challenges and Providing Effective Business Insights

At Renovotec, we believe in the importance of really understanding a customer.

It’s finding out what makes an organisation tick, what it does well, and what challenges a technology refresh could address.

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Managed IT Services for print

Managed IT Services are Helping the Supply Chain Proactively Solve Its Biggest Print Issues

How can managed IT services help to support the supply chain in solving its biggest print issues?

From the manufacturing plant to the logistics services that distribute goods throughout the supply chain, printers & consumables play a vital role.

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What are Managed IT Services and How Can They Enhance Your IT Infrastructure?

What are Managed IT Services and How Can They Enhance Your IT Infrastructure?

How can managed IT services enhance your IT infrastructure?

In a recent blog post, we explored why choosing the right Managed IT Services goes beyond offering a simple helpdesk function.

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Choosing the Right Managed IT Services Takes You Beyond Traditional Helpdesk Support

Choosing the Right Managed IT Services Takes You Beyond Traditional Helpdesk Support

How can choosing the right Managed IT services take you beyond traditional helpdesk support?

Every piece of technology can experience technical issues or glitches.

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Access to the Right Data is Making the Retail Supply Chain More Agile

Access to the Right Data is Making the Retail Supply Chain More Agile

The retail supply chain has never been so competitive.

Being able to attract and retain customers comes down to the strength of an organisation’s data, how accessible that data is to its supply chain and how successfully it’s using analytics to identify and react to trends and behaviours.

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