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The workforce mobility revolution is here.

The Workforce Mobility Revolution is upon us and with it brings a tremendous opportunity for organisations to increase their operational efficiencies and productivity while at the same time save money. New technologies and consumer friendly hardware and software running on enterprise class platforms are making it easier than ever to deploy a successful field mobile strategy. Many organisations are already using modern rugged handheld devices and plenty more are ready to integrate them into their workflows.

There is a major shift occurring in the mobile operating system (OS) landscape. As Microsoft prepares to end support for existing Windows mobile OS devices in 2020, other players have made in-roads. Google has transformed its Android OS into an enterprise ready platform with a user interface that mirrors that of consumer grade devices making adoption infinitely easier.

It creates the question, which modern mobile OS should you choose? To make the right decision, there are many considerations you need to understand before you commit. What are the needs of your IT department, developers and wider workforce?

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Key Considerations When Choosing a Modern Mobile Operating System

When migrating to a new mobile operating system, organisations should carefully consider essential components required to deliver long-term operational success. The following white paper takes you through the strengths and limitations of each OS, and the IT, Financial and User Experience implications. So, you can find the right OS for your applications.

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