SES-imagotag’s best-of-breed digital retail technologies provide data-driven solutions that will transform physical stores into digital assets. 

These innovative solutions are designed to transform and enhance a retailer’s ability to connect with their customers, increasing short-term sales and long-term customer loyalty. Imagotag offers a variety of services including pricing automation, in-store shopping enhancement, in-store marketing experiences and shelf-efficiency.

SES-imagotag’s advanced shelf-edge labelling technology supplies real-time informative data that will optimise compliance, reduce stock-outs and increase on-shelf availability.  With over 30 years of experience supporting retailers with in-store digital technologies, SES-imagotag has developed a portfolio of cutting-edge solutions.


  • IoT Devices – Its Internet of Things solutions include electronic shelf labels, cameras, infrastructure and Wi-Fi integrations.
  • Captana – Boost on-shelf availability with  the benefits of automated shelf monitoring and merchandise compliance.
  • VUSION Cloud Platform – This leading Retail IoT SaaS solution includes VUSION Cloud, VUSION Asset Management and more.
  • VUSION Engage – Turn footfall into sales with at-the-shelf solutions such as VUSION Engage, Storefront and more.


Digital retail technology technologies from Imagotag and Renovotec include:


Retail IoT Cloud Platform

The most advanced and largest cloud-to-edge software platform for the management of IOT-enabled stores on a variety of scales.


Transform smart technologies with ultra-low power wireless retail IoT management at a large scale.

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