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Printer Experts and Print Related Services

Renovotec occupy a unique position within the modern market of today’s print industry.

Printer Experts and Printer UpgradesUsing our years of knowledge and experience we have built a portfolio of tools that enable us to deliver some unique consultative skills around the area of back office printing.

We can and do provide a wide range of support to all types of customers on a wide range of print related issues and problems.

Although it’s not really politically correct to admit there are problems – when it comes to printing there are many and they can be varied. More importantly they are normally forgotten about until the last minute.

Areas that we have become involved in include :

  • DataStream Migration (Yes we still remember what Twinax and Coax are)
  • DataStream Transformation – allowing users to change hardware platform with no impact to the application coding on the host systems.
  • Printer specification for new applications
  • Label and media specification for new applications

Problem Diagnosis and rectification has some interesting areas that we have become involved with over the years.

  • Diagnosing wireless LAN issues
  • Diagnosing network failures and inconsistency
  • Diagnosing application errors in data stream coding
  • Coping with adverse environmental issues (shivering in chill/frozen area mainly)
  • Changes in media causing performance issues
  • User ignorance (shock horror yes it does happen)
  • Improper use of technology – unfortunately it does happen

The only thing we have learnt over 30 odd years is that our customers will continue to surprise us and challenge us with such issues. Working with them and helping resolve these issues is what we believe sets us apart from the majority of companies.


Repair: We demonstrate an extremely high level of technical expertise and service for a wide range of Printer Products. We can repair onsite or in our workshop. We can also select and help install printers for our customers.

Maintenance: Renovotec offer a flexible approach to maintenance and can tailor a contract to suit your needs.

Hardware: We can supply printers, printheads, print servers etc… For further information on finding the right printer please use our Hardware Selector or contact us using the details below.

Consumables: We can provide a large range of cost effective consumables for your printers, whether Thermal, Impact or Laser.

In addition to supplying these items, we will also work with you to ensure you are using the correct balance between quality and cost effectiveness.

For further information please contact us here