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Remote Managed Print Services

A new Era for the support and management of mobile devices

Mobile printers are becoming increasingly complex and capable of storing more information and doing more with the data they receive.

This is especially important as the majority of these devices operate wirelessly using short-range protocols like Bluetooth through to full wireless enablement. It is therefore important that our customers have full access to the settings and configurations of these devices, which will often differ by site throughout the Enterprise.

With the advent of the new range of Zebra mobile printers that are Link-OS enabled there comes the opportunity to provide a far more detailed and heavily managed range of services than has ever been able for large fleets of mobile printers.

Leveraging the power of the Link-OS enabled Zebra QLN range of printers Renovotec has developed a range of value added services. Building on our desire to provide extremely high levels of customer service and attention to detail we aim to utilise Link-OS as well as technology and resources already in place to take the service and support of such devices to the “next step” in their evolution.

  • Properly managed fault instigation, logging and management tools, using both Renovotec’s Statman portal, and Zebra’s Fault Portal Management Systems. Providing a totally transparent service.
  • A more accurate methodology for tracking and the management of assets through RTB (Return to Base) services that although economic have proved traditionally hard to manage and provide proper traceability.
  • The ability to provide an advanced swap out & configuration facility using Renovotec’s proven process methodology.
  • The remote support and programming of portable devices using advanced capabilities of Renovotec’s remote management software.
  • Provide more accurate Management information for the efficient and cost effective management of the fleet.
  • Provide a fully comprehensive support package encompassing all service, parts, and printer consumables for a fixed price.

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