Discover why SOTI’s latest product XSight is such a game changer

SOTI XSight integrates with SOTI MobiControl, providing a supercharged solution with the operational intelligence, support and management tools you need to streamline your business.

Part of the SOTI ONE Platform, with SOTI XSight IT administrators can improve performance and reduce the operating costs of their business-critical mobile operations.

SOTI XSight is the world’s first integrated diagnostic intelligence and support solution.

Key Features:

  • Operational Intelligence Batteries not lasting full shifts? Apps using more data than expected? Pull metrics behind the performance of your devices to pinpoint the root cause behind critical issues.
  • Advanced Diagnostics Get a complete view of all your devices or investigate what’s happening with a single device with device spotlight. Access log files, run scripts and download files to better understand what your devices are doing in the field.
  • Automated Monitoring Create customised metrics to monitor your devices, be notified of issues as they happen, and resolve them as quickly as possible.
  • Incident Management Troubleshoot by remote controlling devices, whiteboarding and drawing on the remote device screen. Document issues with screenshots, video recording and device data snapshots.