Software Development & Partners

In conjunction with our internal software development team and key industry partners, we can ensure your total solution is designed and configured from end to end to your specific requirements.

Key Software Partners 

Our services include:


Voice Integration Middleware

The Renovotec Voice Middleware Solution has been designed with cutting edge technology that provides ultimate functionality for the new generation of voice-centric warehouses and workers. Our Voice Middleware Solution offers an array of standard functions within a single software application that can be configured to meet your exact requirements. In addition it can be quickly and seamlessly integrated into any WMS or ERP host system.


Enterprise Terminal Emulator Software

Improve productivity, reduce errors and get a fast return on your investment with Enterprise Terminal Emulator (Enterprise TE). It’s a proven terminal emulation client application that is compatible with all mobile device management products.

Our team can help you with configuration of the files that can be produced on one mobile computer and copied to multiple other computers or they can be edited on a PC and push to the entire mobile computer population.


Enterprise & Mobile Device Management

With our enterprise & mobile device management software you can manage, support, track and protect your mobile device fleet from a central user-friendly web console. Flexible, intuitive and reliable our device management software provides full access and control of any employee-liable mobile device regardless of location, network or mobile platform.


Enabling Device Solutions

Fully functional devices – we do the physical preparation and software commissioning of the devices to provide you with ready to use equipment straight from the box.

Our team can also customise your device’s configuration to perform such vital system tasks as:

  • Retrieving device information

  • Customising the user interface

  • Working with the registry

  • Pinging the networking

  • Providing easy access to barcode data

in addition, the development tools software includes utilities for application launch management and device configuration and deployment.

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