Tailored Print Services

As well as a wide range of standard Break Fix solutions we can tailor our services to exactly the type of cover that you need with our Tailored Print Services.

Whether it is personalising on an individual printer level the type of cover you need or the provision of additional services, we can work with you to ensure you get the right fit for your organisation.


Samples of the services we have provided to our customer :

  • Help Desk Scripting

  • On-site Key user training

  • Packaged device delivery fully commissioned and installed, asset tagging and QA.

  • WEEE compliant disposal

  • Managed project delivery

  • Bespoke cleaning kits, scripts and education

  • Tailored response on individual printer or site basis from 24×7 to next working day,

  • Flexible return to base maintenance plan for printers that require centralised management e.g. across Europe,

  • Variable / Seasonal service level agreement depending on your workloads and business requirements,

  • Creation of bespoke processes and procedures for supplying you with the right consumables for your mission critical printers, or indeed any printers should you so wish.

  • Voucher based services

  • Full Workshop Repair facility

Example User Defined Service Packages

We are used to having to adapt our working practices and procedures to meet those of our customers and partners. Over the years we have provided many different types of packages or options, some of which are listed below:

  • Extended Non Standard working day cover i.e. 08:00 – 18:00

  • Flexible Non Standard working date cover i.e. when coping with peak production workloads.

  • One off extended cover periods

  • Incident Based Response Voucher (Not SLA driven)

  • Different printers under different SLA’s within the same contract.

Bespoke In-House Systems

We have developed our in-house IT systems and procedures to allow us to tailor flexible maintenance agreements on an individual customer basis. Because we track printers as individual assets, either by the serial number or your asset tag, we can provide individual cover on printers within your fleet. Our software can update your web call statistics pages every 60 seconds allowing you to see exactly at what stage your call is at. We have several key touch points offering 100% transparency to our customers and partners.

Call touch points :

  • Call logged successfully with Datatrade

  • Call allocated to Engineer

  • Engineer ETA Set

  • Engineer on Site

  • Call Completed

For further information on our call handling software please Click Here

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