Renovotec is proud to support organisations in manufacturing and other sectors that work in challenging or potentially hazardous environments, with ATEX devices.

Enhancing these types of operations requires technology that’s tough, reliable and specifically designed for extreme conditions. Your operations may be hazardous, but you can still leverage mobile technology that helps reduce costs and improves your operational efficiency.

With the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the rise of Industry 4.0., factories and manufacturing plants of today are becoming smarter and more technologically advanced. The mobile devices operating in this space should be no different in their effectiveness.

Leveraging ATEX Devices as part of your new mobility technology solution from Renovotec connects your operations with a variety of powerful capabilities, including:

  • A wide portfolio of mobile devices including mobile computers, barcode scanners, tablets and more.
  • Other ATEX-ready technologies include mobile camera systems and IoT devices.
  • Leverage the latest advances in wireless technology with ultra-rugged wireless components.
  • The ability to perform at optimum levels even in extreme temperatures and highly hazardous environments.

Contact our experts today and let’s discuss how we can support your hazardous operations.

Why choose ATEX Devices from Renovotec?

Enhanced security features

Every device in your mobile infrastructure needs protection, especially when it is potentially storing or accessing sensitive business data. ATEX Devices come with the same robust security features as regular consumer hardware.

User-friendly and ergonomic designs

ATEX Devices are designed to be easy and comfortable to use, even when in challenging working environments. Many leverage large capacitive, high-resolution displays that are highly responsive, even to gloved hands.

Advanced performance with added protection

Just because a device leverages components that are designed for extreme environments, does not mean it sacrifices performance. Expect the latest advances in processors, battery performance and connectivity.

Highly durable builds with longevity in mind

ATEX Devices offer explosion protection, shock and scratch resistance, IP protection against dust and water, resistance to vibrations and drops and extreme durability during periods of extreme temperature change.