The shelf edge is one of the most important areas of a retail store, where customers often make that all important decision to purchase an item or product. Traditional printed labels have long been the norm, but the cost of printing so many labels to coincide with price changes, promotions and product information continue to make this a costly and manually taxing process.

Electronic shelf edge labels offer an effective alternative, enabling you to automate price changes, roll out new and timed promotions and support shopper loyalty schemes – all without the need to manually replace a paper label on every section of a shelf.

Become more agile as a retailer, respond to price changes and industry shifts while accommodating important product information, nutritional information, etc. Automate pricing processes and remove manual tasks to make your retail operations more efficient and eliminate those costly human errors.

Enhance your shelf edge label process and leverage a range of key benefits:

  • Update prices and product information with automation.
  • Engage customers at a key decision-making point.
  • Streamline your retail operations.
  • Easy integrations with your existing retail IT systems.

Shelf Edge Label Services from Renovotec

Pricing Automation

Enhance responsiveness to pricing changes and new promotions with the precise digitisation and automation of your shelf edge pricing process.

Shelf Efficiency

With a Shelf Edge Label Service, Renovotec will give your physical stores the ability to accurately manage story inventory and product availability.

Enhanced Shopping Experience

Improve the customer shopping experience when they visit your physical stores, with digital labels that promote accurate prices, promotions and availability.

In-Store Marketing

Engage customers at the shelf edge and help attract more sales with promotions, loyalty price cuts, advertising and much more with digital label assets.