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Zebra TC20 – Big Business Technology for Your Small Business

Running a small business is hard work. Finding the tool to help you run it better is easy.

The TC20 puts all the features you need to save time and money, increase sales and boost profitability in your store, right in the palm of your hand.

You’re running a small business. And that means there’s so much to do — and so little time. Now, there’s a new small business tool that gives you everything you need to be more successful —the TC20 mobile computer from Zebra. You get the right looks. All the business features you need to save time and money, increase sales and boost profitability in your business. All at the right price.

You get a device built for all day use in the workplace. Drops, spills, rain, extreme heat and below freezing temperatures — the TC20 is built to handle it all. Never run low on power again — with the unique PowerPack, you keep on working — there’s no need to stop and find a charger. The TC20 doubles as a walkie-talkie — with no extra cost. A real integrated bar code scanner delivers instant and effortless capture of any barcode — electronic or printed, in any condition.

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Instantly document everything with the high-resolution colour camera — from a damaged incoming shipment or return to a driver’s license for a credit card application. And when it comes to service and support, we’ve got you covered like no consumer service plan can — you get two years of coverage for normal wear-and-tear and device failure, unmatched from-the-manufacturer technical support, a Device Diagnostics Tool for onsite troubleshooting, priority repair turnaround time, free return shipping, and more, all for a fraction of the cost of a single, uncovered repair.

The result? The ability to take inventory at record speed. The instant information you need to keep the items your customers want to buy on the shelves of your store. The ability to answer any shopper question on the spot — no need to walk away and potentially lose a sale. And the power to consistently deliver extraordinary service that will increase loyalty and return visits.

If you’re looking for more time, more money, more sales and more productivity, the TC20 delivers. The TC20 from Zebra — the small business tool done right.

The TC20 is loaded with features to help you do business better, smarter and faster:

• A real barcode scanner that delivers real time savings.
• A walkie-talkie to reach whoever you need to get the job done.
• A unique PowerPack for constant battery power.
• Accessories that make it easier than ever to tackle tasks.
• Affordable service to keep your TC20 up, running and in your hands.

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