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Zebra VC8300 Vehicle Mount Computer

The ultimate ultra-rugged AndroidTM keyboard/touch vehicle mount computer

Since your Windows-based vehicle mount mobile computers are near their end-of-life and support for Windows-based mobile devices is ending, you’re ready to migrate to AndroidTM. You need a rugged device that will make that migration and device management simple, easy and cost-effective. Get it all with the VC8300, the ultimate ultra-rugged Android vehicle mount computer.

The ultra-rugged design is ready for your most extreme environments — inside the warehouse, out in the yard, on the loading dock and even in the freezer. You get dust-and-water tight IP66 sealing and sealed connectors, plus extreme temperature, shock and vibration testing ensuring reliable operation no matter where your operators need to go. Got freezers? No problem. You get touchscreen and internal heaters, smart temperature sensors that control the heaters and heating speed, an elastomeric keyboard that works despite icing and more. And the very loud front-facing speaker ensures your workers hear scanner feedback and other notifications, even in your noisiest areas.

Innovative Features of the VC8300

Run Terminal Emulation (TE) apps, right out of the box
Since Ivanti Velocity is pre-loaded and pre-licensed, users can run their TE apps right out of the box—no back-end modification or user training required.

The best of both worlds: touchscreen and keyboard
When it comes to data input, the VC8300 offers complete flexibility. The integrated full alphanumeric keyboard gives workers the same familiar key-based interaction they use today—no change to workflow required. Also, the touchscreen allows easy touch integration into apps whenever needed.

Easy viewing indoors or outside
The 8-inch display provides plenty of space for graphics-intensive, interactive applications, while best-in-class display resolution and brightness ensures easy viewing in any lighting condition. Plus, the capacitive touch screen is easy to use, even with gloves.

Maximum power for maximum application performance
Users get all the power they need to ensure superior performance with the ultra-powerful 8-core processor, plus up to eight times the RAM and 32 times the Flash memory of prior generation devices. Also, memory lasts 10 times longer through an advanced memory architecture.

Dependably superior WiFi connections
Advanced WiFi technologies extend WiFi range, increase WiFi speed and strengthen WiFi connections, providing on-the-move workers with constant application availability and near-instant application response times. Features include 2×2 Multiple-User Multiple Input Multiple Output (MU-MIMO), WorryFree WiFi—a free Mobility DNA tool—and software-switchable internal or external antennas.

Freezer-ready for the coldest supply chains
With the VC8300, cold storage workers get true frost- and condensation-free operation in freezers with touchscreen and internal heaters that keep the display and sensitive electronic components warm. Smart temperature sensors automatically control the heaters and heating speed, and an elastomeric keyboard works despite icing.

Migrating to Android couldn’t be easier. Since Ivanti Velocity is pre-loaded and pre-licensed, you can run your existing ‘green screen’ apps right out of the box — no coding, no change to your processes, no ramp-up time or user training required. And when you’re ready to take advantage of Android and migrate to interactive screens, the VC8300 makes it easy with All-touch TE. This Mobility DNA app is pre-loaded and ready to use — just press a button to change your existing Terminal Emulation ‘green screens’ to fully interactive Android screens that can be easily customised, all without any coding. And with a full integrated keyboard and touchscreen, you can support your ‘green screen’ apps today and migrate at your pace to interactive Android screens.

Upgrading your existing vehicle mount computers is simple — and cost-efficient. Re-use your existing mounts and power cables from your VC70 and VC50 existing accessories, minimising the cost to upgrade to the latest technology. And replacement couldn’t be easier — just drop it in place and you’re ready to go.

When it comes to flexibility, the VC8300 is in a class of its own. You can add accessories to maximise the efficiency of your processes and your workers, such as corded and cordless barcode scanners, wireless mobile printers and a push-to-talk microphone. You can replace the integrated keyboard, touchscreen and the UPS battery, right in your facility, minimising trips to the service depot and maximising device availability. And since the same platform is shared with Zebra’s rugged handheld and wearable mobile devices, virtually any worker can use any Zebra device with minimal training, providing the flexibility to deploy and re-deploy workers in different areas of your warehouse to address changing workloads.

And with Zebra’s Mobility DNA, you get value no competitor vehicle mount computer can offer. With this powerful and unique toolkit, you can transform Android into an easy-to-manage robust enterprise-class OS, boost workforce productivity and simplify deployment and application development. For example, with WorryFree WiFi, you can provide every worker with the dependably superior WiFi communications they need to maximise productivity and customer service, every minute of every shift. With LifeGuardTM for AndroidTM, you get security updates you can count on every day your devices are in service, plus revolutionary features that make it easy to monitor and completely automate the OS update process. And with the new Restricted Mode feature in StageNow, you can deactivate and reactivate the Google Mobile Services (GMS) that come standard with Android.

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"We needed reliable, robust hardware at keen prices, which Renovotec was able to provide" says Accolade Wines’ Senior Inventory Manager. "We had a good look at other companies but this was the one we thought was best."

"Our analysis shows a significant increase in both the items and tonnage picked per hour" says Henry Colbeck’s Financial Director. A snapshot voice performance sample revealed that the tonnage per hour was 29% higher.

"The VM3 rugged devices enable our drivers to be productive from the minute they sit in the Straddle Carrier cab. The touch screen provides ease of use for the driver and the VM3 connectivity options allows our GPS and PLC Systems to be fully integrated. This gives full operational and engineering visibility. Couple that with Solid State Disks means that the unit is very robust for the port environment." Stated Systems Manager, DP World Southampton.

"We now have robust, secure and reliable narrowband network coverage across our site. We’ve also deployed Zebra’s XT15 rugged mobile and Zebra VH10 vehicle-mounted computers that are designed to cope with our industrial environment and connect to both our narrowband and Wi-Fi networks. Add to this the assurance of service and support from Renovotec and we have the trusted platform our teams need to continually connect to our ERP application." Stated MIS manager, the Port of Tilbury

"Renovotec were able to provide the best support and repair package, and match the competition on price," said IMT Managing Director. "We feel very happy having them as a partner in the growth of our business. "This combination of performance and reliability is already creating clear benefits to IMT and its network of clinics"

"Massive thanks to you and your company for resolving our technical issues. Excellent, professional service provided with literally no notice at all. I wish I came to you guys originally, and certainly will going forwards" stated Melrose Textile Co’s Operations Manager

"Can I just firstly say that your Field Technician did a fantastic job on Tuesday. We had got the wearables to a point of configuration but there was still a quite a bit of work to do and ultimately your field technician was invaluable to us on the day sorting these issues out" stated Portwest’s Shift Manager