Close Gaps & Open Possibilities With Zebra Workforce Connect

Frontline workers face a disconnected workplace with gaps in communication, information, and technology. Across industries, frontline workers are buried in tasks and burdened by inefficiencies from juggling multiple devices to managing disjointed workflows.

Close the gaps with Workforce Connect

Consolidate critical workflows into one fully connected platform with Zebra Workforce Connect—the most complete solution for your frontline workforce. Unlock communication capabilities with powerful voice and messaging features to Zebra mobile devices, or third-party devices, to connect and empower frontline workers.

What is Workforce Connect?

Workforce Connect is the fully scalable, enterprise-grade suite of communication tools that enables and enhances front-line collaboration. It’s a subscription-based, mobile-first service that scales to your needs. And no matter what the industry, Workforce Connect brings teams together to find answers and information quickly, to deliver better customer service. One-touch push communication and real-time alerts and locationing capabilities enhance worker safety, while multiple profiles on one device give employees more flexibility to perform a variety of roles for greater contributions and higher job satisfaction.

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Industry Solutions

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Key Features:

  • Runs on Non-Zebra Devices*
  • IOS (PRO)/Android Compatible
  • Locationing
  • Mobile-First Design
  • Access by Groups or Roles
  • Connect Internal & External Groups/Departments
  • Profile Selection

Key Benefits:

  • Streamline Communications
  • Enhance Customer Service
  • Maximise Worker Safety
  • Accelerate Response Times
  • Give Employees Job Flexibility
  • Empower Staff to Add Value


Industry Solutions:


Add Value to Customer Interactions

Empower retail associates with access to free-flowing information and more opportunities for critical thinking. Shift their work from transactional tasks to high-value interactions, and elevate customer service, with Workforce Connect.

Manufacturing, Transportation & Logistics:

Enhance Workflow and Location Visibility

Automated safety measures protect the frontline, and triggers alert them of timely issues. All this goes far to foster collaboration, increase productivity and raise service to new heights. Improve workflows across the warehouse and in the field with Workforce Connect.


Deliver Patient Centric Care

Answers are now at healthcare workers’ fingertips. Co-workers are within their immediate reach, and staff and devices are within sight, instantly located. When communication and collaboration impact patient care and outcomes, turn to Workforce Connect.

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