Our values

Renovotec is a team of like-minded specialists who share a passion for helping businesses reach their full potential through the power of tailor-made technology solutions.

That commitment is driven by a set of core company values that inform and regulate our business practices. These values also represent our dedication to our customers, to our people and to the environment as a responsible business.

Our values represent our commitment to our people and our customers. As well as the communities and environments in which we operate. Thus, we believe in upholding these values in everything we do:

  • Honesty.
  • Integrity.
  • Excellence.
  • Openness.
  • A close working relationship.
  • A professional and personal approach.


Our business ethos is not about shifting units. Rather it’s about building long-lasting and rewarding relationships with our customers. Therefore, we believe that taking the time to meet our customers and understand their unique needs enables our team to tailor a solution that honestly meets those needs and budget. We keep our promises and we always do the right thing. Moreover, we act with uncompromising honesty and are ethical in all we do.


Additionally, our commitment to outstanding service extends beyond the sale. We are committed to providing technical, effective, continuing support to out customers’, first time, every time.


Our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is very important to us as a green collar organisation. Consequently, we remain firmly dedicated to environmental sustainability. This includes, for instance, empowering our people to take the initiative supporting our business to protect the environment by being more sustainable, both for today and future generations.


We also understand how quickly business needs can change. At Renovotec, we are constantly adapting to new and innovative technologies and marketing strategies that not only provide the best results, but also promotes productivity and development for our people. Therefore, our adaptability as a solutions provider is built on a simple, three-step approach: Observation, Consideration and Recommendation.


Renovotec also recognises that it has a responsibility to take a robust and resolute approach to slavery and human trafficking. Hence, Renovotec is committed to ensuring that all of its business operations are free from involvement with slavery, forced labour, child labour or human trafficking.

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