Data is the lifeblood of your organisation. Without access to the right information, and the means to draw accurate insights from it, you’re losing the ability to make your operations more effective, flexible and cost effective.

Renovotec’s Data Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) service is designed to address this issue, enabling you to turn that data into actionable insights that will shape business-critical decision making.

Our team of analysts will review the data sources in your industry setting, enabling you to build key performance indicators (KPIs) and craft more realistic service level agreements (SLAs) that will make your resource and device management significantly more effective. Renovotec will then help you craft a bespoke dashboard to visualise this data, giving you immediate access to your data and transforming how you interpret, report and utilise it for enhanced strategic planning. This service forms a part of our extensive Service offering for all our customers.

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Hear what our satisfied customers are saying about Renovotec.

We have a proven track record supporting organisations in multiple industries with tailor-made end-to-end AIDC technology solutions.

Renovotec have supported us as needed, and showed great flexibility and understanding during the project delivery phase of our recent move to SDWAN alongside Wifi upgrades.

They are also an integral part of our shopfit program, continuing to provide excellent service and pricing.

Natalie Foley, Retail Portfolio Lead, River Island

We’ve deployed Zebra’s XT15 rugged mobile and Zebra VH10 vehicle-mounted computers that are designed to cope with our industrial environment and connect to both our narrowband and Wi-Fi networks.

Add to this the assurance of service and support from Renovotec and we have the trusted platform our teams need.

MIS manager, Port of Tilbury

“We needed reliable, robust hardware at keen prices, which Renovotec was able to provide” says Accolade Wines’ Senior Inventory Manager.

“We had a good look at other companies but this was the one we thought was best.

Accolade Wines

“Our analysis shows a significant increase in both the items and tonnage picked per hour” says Henry Colbeck’s Financial Director.

“A snapshot voice performance sample revealed that the tonnage per hour was 29% higher.

Financial Director, Henry Colbeck

The VM3 rugged devices enable our drivers to be productive from the minute they sit in the Straddle Carrier cab.

The touch screen provides ease of use for the driver and the VM3 connectivity options allows our GPS and PLC Systems to be fully integrated.

Systems Manager, DP World Southampton