Innovative technology and expert industry knowledge power our tailor-made healthcare technology solutions.
The healthcare setting of today requires technology that enhances the quality of its care, extending visibility of patients, equipment and medicines and improving the responsiveness of its dedicated healthcare professionals.

We understand the unique challenges of your healthcare operations.

Our end-to-end AIDC technology solutions are tailored to the unique requirements of your entire healthcare operations, from the supply chain right through to the point of care. Contact our experts today.

Barcode Scanners
Displays & Touchscreens

Track patients and medicine inventory as they move through the corridors and departments of your clinical setting with RFID.

Our technology solutions leverage the latest in real-time asset tracking technology innovations.

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Your healthcare setting is under more pressure than ever. Evolving regulations, greater scrutiny and staff shortages are just some of the challenges you face every day. But with the welfare of your patients always at the forefront of your operations, there will always be a commitment to delivering the very best care.

Hospitality Solutions from Renovotec.

Our end-to-end AIDC technology solutions are fully customised to address the pain points in your hospital or clinical setting. They streamline supply chain processes and reduce the overall cost of providing great healthcare for all.

With a technology solution from Renovotec, you can automate time-consuming management systems, track patient progress and improve the responsiveness of your healthcare providers. From your core IT systems to the hardware your doctors, nurses and administration staff use on a day-to-day basis, Renovotec will design, deploy and support your new healthcare technology solution.

Our tailor-made technology solutions for healthcare support several different processes in your organisation, including:

  • Patient admissions
  • Laboratory testing
  • Pharmacy inventory and prescriptions
  • Drug administration and blood transfusion
  • Patient tracking and discharge

Contact one of our experts today for a personalised consultation on your unique healthcare solution needs. Regardless of your scale or complexity, we have the solutions you need to optimise your operations for today, tomorrow and beyond.

Healthcare Hardware Rentals

When you need to increase the size of your hardware roster for short, medium or long periods of use, a rental solution is the ideal choice.
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Voice-Directed Solutions

Empower your healthcare staff in the pharmacy with a voice-directed solution that improves the speed of medicine management.
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