With customers, partners, patients and staff alike expecting faster turnarounds and reduced lead times, the need for faster operations and processes is greater than ever – this is where Wearables work best.

That order of magnitude and the desire to drive down errors has seen a growth in the wearables market, with more innovative solutions offering workers the ability to access, input and capture data in a more user-friendly and ergonomic form factor.

These rugged mobile devices have applications across multiple industries, including picking and packing processes in the warehouse. Scanning parcels as part of the ‘last mile’ delivery process for logistics. Checking inventories in a healthcare pharmacy setting. And scanning in deliveries in the retail supply chain.

Wearable technologies reduce the time it takes to complete key tasks, enabling your staff to increase rates of productivity and distribute human resources around the business more effectively.

Other opportunities throughout the enterprise for Wearable applications include:

  • Enhance the picking of small parts and components.
  • The handling and processing of large packages and pallets.
  • Transforming the overall sortation workflow.
  • Speeding up the process of loading and unloading the truck.

Minimise scan frustration with rugged scanners that capture 1D and 2D barcodes at a variety of distances. Leverage fast and rugged wearable computers that empower workers. Contact our experts today to discuss your Wearables requirement.

Comply with health & safety regulations thanks to breakaway features, and support left- and right-hand preferences.