Preserve your company’s capital with the pay as you go hardware rental services from Renovotec.

Adding more hardware devices and software applications to your existing operations can help support an increase in workforce or help address the need for more optimised equipment.

Renovotec has a tailor-made Hardware Rentals solution for you. Seamlessly introduce enhanced mobile and print hardware into your operations with a cost-effective rental alternative.

Whatever industry you work in, you can benefit from having a fast and reliable rentals solution. Hardware rentals are the ideal solution for companies that need to respond quickly to seasonal spikes in business or a rapid change in operational demand. All without that all important capital outlay.


There are many benefits to leveraging a Hardware Rental Services from Renovotec, including:

  • Choose for the latest and greatest hardware for mobile computing, barcode scanning, label printing and more.
  • Devices come ready to use right out of the box for a fast, seamless integration into your business.
  • Remove the hassle of implementing and managing additional devices. Renovotec will take care of it for you.
  • Flexibility to increase or decrease the number of devices you are renting to match your operational workload.
  • Enhance your productivity with a cost-effective solution for renting best-of-breed hardware from trusted manufacturers such as Honeywell, Zebra Technologies, Datalogic and many more.


Our Hardware Rental Services form a part of our extensive Service offering for all our customers.

Leverage the Latest Hardware Innovations with a Hardware Rentals Service

Hardware as a Service (HaaS)

Hardware as a Service (Haas) is challenging the notion that hardware should be a capital expenditure. HaaS is a cost effective and fully managed service that outsources the sourcing, customisation, deployment and support of your new hardware to Renovotec for a set monthly fee. You can terminate, upgrade or extend the contact at the end of the term.

Maintenance & Upgrades

All maintenance and upgrades are included in your monthly fee. With HaaS, you can access hardware on a demand basis. By sourcing all your equipment from a single provider, you will reduce the burden on your internal IT resources. Adding the latest hardware to your infrastructure will also improve your sustainability targets thanks to the latest enhancements in mobile technology.

Short- & Long-Term Rentals

Whether you are looking to address seasonal spikes in business or support a more long-term refresh of your mobile infrastructure, Renovotec is ready to assist you with flexible contracts ranging from 30 days to five years. Avoid the need for large capital expenditure and enjoy the bonus of accidental device cover.

Hot Swap Service

Fault equipment can have a profound effective on your operational lead times. Avoid these issues with our fast and reliable Hot Swap Service. Hot Swap can be added to your maintenance contract when renting any device from Renovotec. If your device develops a fault, we will send out a replacement until the original device is ready to be returned.

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Hear what our satisfied customers are saying about Renovotec.

We have a proven track record supporting organisations in multiple industries with tailor-made end-to-end AIDC technology solutions.

Renovotec have supported us as needed, and showed great flexibility and understanding during the project delivery phase of our recent move to SDWAN alongside Wifi upgrades.

They are also an integral part of our shopfit program, continuing to provide excellent service and pricing.

Natalie Foley, Retail Portfolio Lead, River Island

We’ve deployed Zebra’s XT15 rugged mobile and Zebra VH10 vehicle-mounted computers that are designed to cope with our industrial environment and connect to both our narrowband and Wi-Fi networks.

Add to this the assurance of service and support from Renovotec and we have the trusted platform our teams need.

MIS manager, Port of Tilbury

“We needed reliable, robust hardware at keen prices, which Renovotec was able to provide” says Accolade Wines’ Senior Inventory Manager.

“We had a good look at other companies but this was the one we thought was best.

Accolade Wines

“Our analysis shows a significant increase in both the items and tonnage picked per hour” says Henry Colbeck’s Financial Director.

“A snapshot voice performance sample revealed that the tonnage per hour was 29% higher.

Financial Director, Henry Colbeck

The VM3 rugged devices enable our drivers to be productive from the minute they sit in the Straddle Carrier cab.

The touch screen provides ease of use for the driver and the VM3 connectivity options allows our GPS and PLC Systems to be fully integrated.

Systems Manager, DP World Southampton