With almost 30 years of experience supporting and supplying mobile computer innovations to industries throughout the supply chain, and beyond, Renovotec is your one-stop-shop for mobile computing solutions.

Our extensive portfolio of devices are sourced from our trusted ecosystem of technology partners, including some of the most well-established names in mobile technology innovation.

You can be sure any mobile computer recommended, supplied and supported by Renovotec is the ideal choice for your unique business needs. These devices provide multi-purpose utility in an ergonomic form factor, driving improved productivity for mobile workers and lower total cost of ownership for enterprises. From consumer-grade smartphones to the most durable rugged terminals, your new technology solution will be powered by innovation and hardware excellence.

Innovative solutions, outstanding service and cutting-edge mobile computing

Each device that is deployed as part of your new end-to-end AIDC technology solution is stringently tested to ensure it can withstand the rigors and workload your operations require. So when a mobile computer is deployed into your organisation and into the hands of your worker, you can be sure it is ready to deliver, day in, day out.