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Styrbjörn Torbacke, Nordics Country Manager

Renovotec continues its expansion into Europe with the opening of a new Nordic Office. Based in Gothenburg, Sweden, this brand-new division will be overseen by industry expert Styrbjörn Torbacke.

The Nordic division will consist of an office and distribution centre, enabling Renovotec to support customers across Sweden, Norway, Finland and the rest of the Nordic region with a wide variety of customer journey management solutions and services, including solutions from technology partner Qmatic. These solutions support industries that rely on delivering seamless customer experiences, improved employee workflows and greater operational efficiency.

Alongside our Benelux Office, which opened in January 2022, Renovotec is committed to supporting pan-European multinationals throughout the region, enhancing these businesses with tailored end-to-end AIDC technology solutions that enhance productivity and reduce costs. Renovotec is ready to support a wide range of industry verticals across Sweden and other Nordic countries, including Healthcare and Transport & Logistics.

Our solutions are designed to address the specific pain points and challenges faced by Nordic countries. Examples of our tailored support include:

End-to-End AIDC Technology Solutions for the Nordics Region


Our broad portfolio of Solutions is tailored to meet your unique requirements, improving efficiencies and helping reduce costs.
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From an initial consultation through to a long-term support plan, Renovotec is here to support you with outstanding Services.
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Sourced from our ecosystem of trusted technology partners, our Technologies enhance your organisation with the latest innovations.
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Renovotec is proud to support businesses in a wide range of industries in the Nordics, including healthcare and transport & logistics.
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Contact one of our experts today and let’s discuss your unique business requirements. Regardless of your scale or complexity, we have the solutions you need to optimise your operations in the Nordic region.

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