Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) are increasingly making an impact in the retail industry, enabling retail businesses to streamline store operations and smoothly manage product information.

These digital price tags offer you the ability to easily manage pricing from a central system and can even automatically update with inventory changes. Transform your customer’s shopping experience with electronic shelf edge labels and respond to real-time changes in pricing, product information, promotions, loyalty schemes, nutritional information, etc. All while cutting down on manual labour, printing expenses, and costly human errors from using traditional print labels.

Our IoT ESL service and solution ensures a smooth transition without the risk of potentially expensive mistakes. We provide best-of-breed devices sourced from our carefully curated partner ecosystem, and using the Renovotec Approach, we will Observe the unique architecture of your business, Consider the best solutions to solve these issues and Recommend the best technology solution.

Our ESL services will optimise the customer retail experience and help maximise the return on your technology refresh investment.


Electronic Shelf Labels solutions from Renovotec

With an ESL solution deployed in a retail or food service environment, retailers can automate pricing, enhance shopper engagement, improve productivity, increase product productivity and more. Empower retail associates by displaying actionable operational data on the electronic shelf label itself for a smoother store management experience.

  • Custom Solutions – At Renovotec we can offer custom solutions and advice based on our experience, as well as your business needs and operations. Supplying rapid and efficient deployment solutions that reduce downtime.
  • Quality Assurance – Our quality checks verify your ESLs accuracy to provide a seamless customer experience, with minimal pricing errors. As well as guaranteed compliance with all regulations.
  • Professional Installation – Our expertise ensures your devices will be securely installed, positioned for optimal visibility and effectively integrated to work with your existing operations.
  • Scalability – Renovotec’s trusted installation team can replicate successful installations across multiple locations. Creating consistent experiences for both customers and employees.
  • Training – We provide training for your staff that will teach them to be proficient in using and maintaining this technology. Additionally, we also offer ongoing IT support.

Upgrade your shopping experience with ESLs

Digital Displays

ESLs digital displays allow tags to be updated electronically.

Real-time Pricing Updates

Using our skills and knowledge we are able to install and position your devices correctly for optimal visibility.

Wireless Connectivity

ESLs have wireless connectivity, such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Cost Effective

By reducing the need for manual price tag updates and pricing errors, retailers save money over time.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Improved shopping experiences for your customers with up-to-date pricing information.


Our trusted installation team can replicate successful installations across multiple locations, making the process more scalable and efficient.

Contact us today and let’s discuss how our Electronic Shelf Labels Services can transform your retail and food service experience.