Keep your operations moving in the right direction with the automation benefits of robotics.

Your workers are working hard. But what if their technical skills and experience could be better distributed throughout your warehouse, DC or manufacturing plant? This technology represents a transformational solution that enhances your workforce. Placing repetitive manual labour tasks in the capable hands of fixed and mobile autonomous robots.

With a flexible and dynamic automation solution from Renovotec, your organisation can meet shrinking lead times and shorter delivery windows while simultaneously utilising your human workforce in a more effective way.

Robotics is a technology that will enhance how you meet customer expectations. With our years of technical experience in this field, Renovotec is your ideal partner for planning, deploying and supporting your new technology solution.

Robotics can deliver a wide variety of powerful benefits, including:

  • Receiving and putaway.
  • Filling pallets ready for loading.
  • Raw material delivery.
  • Detailed and rapid data capture.
  • Work-in-progress transport.
  • Quality assessment and checking.
  • End-of-line handling.

Contact our experts today and let’s discuss how we can enhance your workers and your operations with robotics, automation and machine vision.

Empowering your business with industrial automation innovation.

Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs)

Your warehouse, DC or manufacturing plant rely on the strength of its industrial automation technologies. AMRs provide a reliable solution for moving stock and equipment across your premises safely and reliably.

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Machine Vision

With Machine Vision, your business can capture multiple forms of data at once and process it at incredible speeds, enabling you to automate data capture and analysis. Learn more about our Machine Vision solutions.

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