Whether you’re investing in a complete refresh of your mobile technology, or you’re simply looking to enhance your existing hardware, our range of accessories will support all your hardware requirements.

Our accessory solutions cover a variety of product types including cases and screen protectors for Mobile Computers, pistol grips for Barcode Scanners, charging cradles, vehicle docks and much more.

Our accessories are sourced from a carefully curated ecosystem of approved technology partners so you can be sure the products you’re investing in are manufactured and machined to the highest quality.

Hardware Accessories from Renovotec include:

  • Rugged Cases – When you need to add additional protection to a consumer-grade or already rugged device, a durable case can provide support against drops, hits and knocks.
  • Charging Cradles – Your Mobile Computers, Barcode Scanners and other mobile devices need to remain fully charged when not in use, so leverage the right charging cradle options.
  • Pistol Grips – Add more ergonomic control to your roster of Mobile Computers and Barcode Scanners with a pistol grip for a comfortable ‘scanning gun’ experience.
  • Additional Batteries – Ensure your devices remain at peak performance by having an array of additional batteries for fast hot swap replacements during peak periods.
  • Vehicle Docks/Cradles – When your workers need to remain connected to route information or other important data on the road, utilise our range of mounts and docks for vehicles.
  • Cables & Leads – Ensure your hardware remains connected and charged at all times with a range of cables, adaptors and leads for your devices.
  • Screen Protectors – Mobile Computers, Barcode Scanners, Tablets and other devices with a display could be at risk of scratches or marks, so add a layer of protection with a screen protector.
  • Styluses – If your Tablets or other devices support the use of styluses then Renovotec can help with a range of stylus accessories.

Contact our experts today and let’s discuss how we can enhance your technologies with accessories.


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