Whether it’s placing orders in a food service environment, returning items in a retail setting or searching for information in a healthcare clinic, kiosks provide a fast, engaging and effective means of enhancing the customer experience.

Customer buying and purchasing habits have changed, with a greater demand for self-service and self-checkout experiences. Which is why we cater for a forms and functions, including large self-service kiosks, micro kiosks, concierge devices and interactive displays. We source our devices from only trusted manufacturers featured in our ecosystem of Hardware Partners.

Applications for them cover a variety of industries including the Retail Supply Chain, Warehousing, Hospitality and Healthcare.

These enhanced applications for Kiosks include:

  • Self-service and self-checkout.
  • Returns and click & collect.
  • Order collections.
  • Customer information.
  • Wayfinding and navigation.
  • Product lookups.
  • Check-ins and concierge.
  • Promotions and advertising.

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