When your new end-to-end Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) technology solution has been deployed and optimised, your workforce and its new devices can still leverage an ongoing layer of support to ensure those technologies are still working at their best. 

Downtimes due to equipment or software issues can be costly. That’s why Renovotec has created a comprehensive suite of Tech Support, Training & Helpdesk Services to keep your hardware and software operating at peak performance.

Our support services are tailored to your exact needs. Including ongoing technical support for end users and customers, training support for those using new hardware and software and access to a variety of help desk packages for fast incident analysis and resolution. Our Tech Support, Training & Helpdesk Services form a part of our extensive Service offering for all our customers.

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Tech Support, Training & Helpdesk Services from Renovotec

End User Technical Assistance

Our technical support services cover a variety of scenarios. Including supporting end users with any technical queries or issues. From supporting with problems originating from mobile devices to assisting with software-related incidents, Renovotec is ready to support your end users with expert technical advice.

Customer Technical Assistance

Our technical support services also extend to customer technical assistance. Providing the same level of expert insight and technical guidance to help resolve incidents, provide training and deliver technical support. So the customer can continue to use any registered devices with full confidence.

Incident Resolution

Your devices, whether mobile or fixed, are a vital part of your operational success. So you need a fast and reliable way to assess and resolve issues whenever they occur. Our Incident Resolution services use a variety of tools and processes. Including repairs, hot swap exchanges and remote triage via MDM.

Technical Guidance

Help is just a call away. Renovotec will support your workforce with reactive and pro-active technical support for all your registered devices. Our technical advisors will use a variety of tools and procedures to assess the status of your device. Providing comprehensive support on how to solve key technical issues.

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