Innovative technology and expert industry knowledge power our tailor-made Transport & Logistics technology solutions.
The movement and distribution of goods is an essential component for the supply chain. With fierce competition already operating in the market, your Logistics process needs to fulfil orders accurately and within lead times that are getting shorter and shorter.

We understand the unique challenges of your Logistics operation.

Our supply chain solutions are tailored to the unique requirements of your fleet, your drivers and your entire fulfilment process. Contact us today to find out more.

Mobile Computers

Get the latest insights into technology trends and developments affecting the Logistics sector.

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A modern Logistics operation has countless business-critical processes that are vital to delivering exceptional customer service. But without the right supply chain technology in place, even the most steadfast mobile workforce will struggle to maintain standards.

Logistics Solutions from Renovotec

We appreciate the immense pressure your fleet is under to fulfil orders on time with minimal disruption. That’s why our logistics solutions are designed to take away the stress of a technology upgrade by identifying key pain points and deploying a seamless tailor-made solution that solves these issues and delivers great ROI.

Our tailor-made technology solutions for the Logistics sector support many different processes in your organisation, including:

  • End-to-end traceability
  • Pick-up and delivery
  • Vehicle loading
  • Cross dock and Logistics
  • Proof of delivery

Contact one of our experts today for a personalised consultation on your unique Transportation and Logistics needs. Regardless of your scale or complexity, we have the solutions you need to optimise your operations.

Managed IT Services

Ensure every device operating across your fleet is fully protected with an ongoing support service from Renovotec, enhanced by the latest innovations in MDM.

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Repair Centre Services

When your devices cannot be fixed remotely, we’re there to support you with a fully certified repair service including field repairs and in-house fixes.

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Reliable technology for forward-thinking fleets

Barcode Scanners

Data capture is a vital component of any warehouse operation, so you need access to the right scanning technologies.

Our Barcode Scanning options include handheld, fixed, wearable, wireless and healthcare-ready data capture devices.

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Mobile Computers

Mobile devices and handheld terminals (HHTs) are the backbone of your technology estate.

Working in collaboration with our hardware partners, we will enhance your operations with the latest innovations in rugged and consumer-grade handheld devices.

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Printers & Consumables

From the smallest business to the most complex operations, printing and labels likely play a major role.

Our technology solutions leverage the latest innovations in industrial, desktop and mobile label printing for highly accurate and fast printing.

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Tablets offer users the mobility of a mobile computer or handheld terminal with many of the functions and capabilities of a traditional laptop.

Whether rugged or consumer-grade, a tablet is a powerful tool for any industry setting.

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Vehicle Mounts

The forklift is a key component in the modern supply chain, so ensure your drivers have access to the most effective technology with our range of Vehicle Mounts.

These mounted mobile computers are an ideal way of connecting your workers to the data they need.

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Wearable technologies increase the productivity of an employee, removing the need to hold or pick up a handheld device.

Examples include wearable barcode scanners, wearable mobile computers and smart glasses.

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