End-to-end AIDC technology solutions for the retail supply chain, brought to you by Renovotec and its ecosystem of technology partners.
We understand the unique challenges that face the retail supply chain of today. We will help you reach your maximum operational potential with a tailor-made technology solution, powered by the latest and greatest innovations and backed by outstanding customer service.

End-to-end wireless networking solutions for the retail supply chain.

Optimise the effectiveness of your retail supply chain connectivity with Renovotec, your one-stop shop for retail hardware, software and service innovation. Browse our Solutions today.

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Taking the Customer Retail Experience to the Next Level with 5G In-Store Wi-Fi.

Learn more about why a 5G-powered free Wi-Fi service is the key to creating a rewarding in-store experience for your retail customers.

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Shoppers are presented with infinite shopping choices online, so retailers are having to rethink how they engage with customers in the digital space, and how those behaviours intersect with the in-store experience.

That’s why our end-to-end Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) technology solutions are tailor-made with the omnichannel experience in mind.

Supported by a carefully curated ecosystem of trusted technology partners, Renovotec uses its years of experience supporting organisations in the retail sector with the technology solutions they need to solve their unique pain points. We are here to help you create a true ‘One Store, One Experience’ approach throughout your entire retail supply chain.

We will enhance your entire retail supply chain operation, from the warehouse to the shop floor – and back again through reverse logistics and returns.

Key solution applications for the Retail Supply Chain include:

  • Enhance staff communications with voice and wireless networking.
  • Optimise store operations with the right mobile hardware.
  • Reward customer loyalty with in-store printing services.
  • Create a frictionless customer experience at the point-of-sale.
  • Nurture customer engagement with enterprise-grade kiosks and mobile devices

Contact one of our experts today for a personalised consultation on your unique retail supply chain solution needs.

Technologies for the Retail Supply Chain

Take your retail operations to the next level with enhanced end-to-end AIDC technology solutions from Renovotec.

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Services for the Retail Supply Chain

Support your new technology investment with services before, during and after the deployment of your new Renovotec solution.

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Renovotec News & Insights for the Retail Supply Chain

6 Technologies For Your Click and Collect Retail Experience

In this blog we look at how different click and collect technologies can enhance the retail experience for your customers.

The future of retail and e-commerce clearly lies in providing an omnichannel customer experience Ensuring easy shopping flow at every touchpoint, both offline and online.

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‘Take Five’ To Focus On In-Store Operational Efficiency

Economic uncertainty and changing priorities in consumer spending mean markets like retail, hospitality and entertainment are all at risk.

Some four out of five (81%*) UK consumers claimed to be reassessing their spend with retail brands this year.

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How Wireless Technology Innovations are Seamlessly Connecting the Modern Store

The retail store of today is a fast-moving environment operating in a highly competitive market, which is why wireless technology is essential to ensuring long-term survival.

From the need to embrace omnichannel services to creating a frictionless in-store experience for the customer, retailers are constantly in need of technologies that not only engage the customer […]

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