Rugged, powerful and highly responsive vehicle mounted terminals for your warehouse or manufacturing plant.

Roughly 20% of the average warehouse and DC’s labour is spent across receiving and putaway workflows. If you are operating within a large warehousing space, that distance between putaway locations and the time it takes to reach them can have a profound effect on the effectiveness of that workflow. As well as the cost to you as an organisation.

Having the right technology in place can improve performance and reduce task completion times for your warehouse staff and their materials handling equipment (MHE). Vehicle mounts offer a clever, compact and capable means of simplifying key tasks. So your forklift operators and vehicle drivers can be more empowered as part of your fulfilment workforce.

Equipping your fulfilment vehicles with mounted terminals will transform how your drivers access important data, and how data is captured directly from the forklift or vehicle.

The benefits your fleet can expect with enterprise-grade Vehicle Mounts, include:

  • Drives workflow productivity with automatic tracking of vehicle location and status.
  • Reduces material-handling costs while improving compliance and safety with better operational efficiency.
  • Optimises order fulfilment rates and inventory accuracy with real-time tracking.
  • Prevents shipment errors by automatically verifying pallet ID and dock-door location.
  • Streamlines operations while reducing labour costs and capital expenses by integrating technologies into seamless solutions.

Contact our experts today and let’s discuss how we can empower your drives with forklift-mounted mobile computing.

With a range of screen sizes from 6.5-inch to 12.1 inch, these rugged and durable terminals come from some of the most trusted names in mobility technology Zebra Technologies and Honeywell.

These mounted computers range in cost and specification, so you can select the best vehicle mount as part of your tailor-made technology solution.