Rugged and consumer-grade tablets, built for performance.

Through our carefully selected ecosystem of technology partners, Renovotec will connect you with a wide range of powerful, lightweight tablets that are ideal for workers on the go. These flexible business tablets can be fully customised to reflect your exact specifications, including the selected gold build and any accessories for added usability.

Our solutions leverage the latest innovations in tablet technology from the most trusted manufacturers including Zebra Technologies, Honeywell, Samsung, Panasonic and many more. Enjoy the best of both worlds with consumer-grade styling and the security and rugged protection of a business-orientated mobile device.

Key benefits for selecting tablet technology in your technology solution include:

  • Enterprise-grade durability.
  • High performance in a mobile form factor.
  • Long-lasting battery life.
  • Support for both Android and Windows OS.
  • Range of display options.
  • Rugged and consumer-grade models.
  • Ideal for use within the four walls and when mounted in a vehicle.
  • Multiple connectivity options with cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and more.

Tablets are ideal for use in several industry verticals, with rugged models well suited to warehousing and manufacturing and consumer-grade options popular in the retail supply chain and hospitality sectors.

Rugged Tablet Benefits & Features

High-performance components

Rugged tablets support the latest innovations in processors, memory and storage to ensure your tablets run your chosen applications with speed and a minimum of slowdown.

Drop and shock resistant

Enterprise-grade rugged tablets keep performing, even when dropped from established heights. Knocks and shocks are expected in some environments, and your tablets need to be just as tough.

Glove-friendly touchscreens

When your workers need to keep their PPE on for safety or environmental reasons, they need tablet technology that can respond to any input, including when a member of staff is inputting data with a gloved hand.

Long-lasting performance

Tablets in the warehouse, retail shop floor or manufacturing plant are in constant use, so you need batteries that are built to last. Some models also support replaceable batteries for increased uptime.

IP certification for dust and water

Alongside MIL grades for drop and shock resistance, many rugged tablets also come with IP ratings that signify their resistance to water and dust, making them ideal for the most challenging work environments.

Tough, resistant displays

It is easy to damage the display of a consumer-grade tablet, but rugged models counter these issues by using a variety of innovations such as tempered glass and durable bonds for a scratch-resistant result.