Bring The Ease Of Online Shopping To Your Physical Stores

Renovotec & Newland offer a wide range of retail solutions to meet your needs at every step of your retail and e-commerce journey. From inventory management and order picking to checkout and loyalty programs, our solutions make your daily retail tasks faster, easier and more intuitive.

Bring the ease of online shopping to your physical stores with our latest solutions using the NQuire kiosks with touchscreen series.

Newland EMEA Product Growth Manager David Craggs explains how these Android-powered Micro Kiosks will increase the number of happy customers.

The Micro Kiosk Scanners offer the ultimate solution to streamline your self-service kiosks, micro markets and self-check-in desks. Newland’s self-service kiosk models are designed to eliminate long checkout lines and provide a seamless experience for your customers or visitors. Add additional modules to the micro kiosk scanners to capture more data via NFC, MRS, and RFID.

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Micro Kiosk Uses and Applications

Unsure how micro kiosks can help your business? The Micro Kiosk Scanners are ideal for a wide range of applications for self-service, including:

  • Micro markets (in combination with a payment terminal)
  • Price and information check
  • Restaurants with self-service or order-at-table models
  • Convenience stores (in combination with a payment terminal)
  • Vending Machines
  • Access Control
  • Hospitality and hotels
  • Gas stations

Key Features

The NQuire Micro kiosks are great to implement where you’d like to empower the customer or visitor and improve their experience in your business. By combining barcode scanners with touch screens, the micro kiosk provides an intuitive and entirely customisable self-service point that will save you time and costs. It allows the customers to check for prices and information, which in turn allows for the workforce to focus on other tasks and helping customers with more specific and detailed questions.

The Micro Kiosk Scanners are packed with customisable features. Here are just a few of the key features that make our kiosks a must-have for any self-service environment:

  • High speed 1D, 2D, and RFID barcode scanners
  • No hassle – just one cable to power the device and provide it with internet via PoE (Power over Ethernet), and it connects via Dual-band WiFi too
  • High-speed barcode scanner for intuitive services and customer flow
  • Add modules to suit your needs, 4G, NFC, magnetic card reader, etc. The available modules depend on your
  • Runs on Android – so you can use any app you’d like to support your business
  • Touch screen with user-friendly interface with customisable options to meet your unique needs
  • Simple integration with popular point-of-sale technology to make transactions seamless
Use Newland EMEA’s micro kiosk scanners in conjunction with
Renovotec’s services and retail solutions to set up a cost-effective
seamless shopping or self-service experience.

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