Smarter Wi-Fi Increases Operational Efficiency

It’s The Strongest Link In Your Supply Chain

For the hard-working people in the world’s most demanding industries, “good enough” networking isn’t good enough. They need networks that meet their organisation’s specific needs.

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RUCKUS builds and delivers purpose-driven networks that perform in the tough environments of the industries we serve. Together with our trusted go-to-market partners, we empower our customers to deliver exceptional connectivity to the ever-growing number of devices on their network.

As warehouse environments have become increasingly more reliant on wireless devices and applications to operate, the need for fast, reliable Wi-Fi coverage is paramount.

  • Ruckus ensure warehouse & logistic operators can save money, mitigate risk and drive increased productivity by converging their operational technology stacks.
  • Ruckus enable warehouse and logistics sites to effectively utilise smart warehouse technologies. Driving increased productivity and the ability to meet the increasing demands within the industry.
  • Ruckus provide increased visibility into the network operations driven by AI & ML, allowing organisations to significantly reduce network downtime.

Ruckus Delivers Top 10 Wi-Fi Musts For Warehousing

  1. Wi-Fi coverage everywhere – 2 to 4 times coverage improvement through integrated long-range, high-gain antenna arrays integrated within every Ruckus AP.
  2. Unparalleled client connectivity – Ruckus’ adaptive antenna technology has multiple antenna arrays allowing for complete connectivity.
  3. Consistent performance at range – Ruckus’ adaptive multi-antenna technology with client feedback ensures consistent, reliable, and fast connections to the end client.
  4. Remote management – Indoor and outdoor APs can be managed remotely as one through a single interface.
  5. No new cabling – Ruckus SmartMesh technology allows for easy meshing to endure coverage without laying new cabling in difficult to deploy environments.
  6. Flexible deployment options – Deploy APs as stand alone or with the controller; controllers can be onsite or offsite and managed remotely.
  7. Location Based Services (LBS) – Ruckus offers Smart Positioning Technology (SPoT) providing key location data, such as footfall traffic visualisation via heat-map by zone, floor, and venue.
  8. Easy to configure and deploy – For warehouses with limited IT resources, Ruckus’ graphical user interface is easy to use and understand.
  9. Simple security – With dynamic PSK, you can be assured of deploying a secure network without the need for extensive IT resources or security expertise.
  10. Client Network Enrolment – Ruckus Cloudpath provides secure BYOD/Guest network onboarding.

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