Contacting Support

We ask that you please direct all customer support requests through the Support Team rather than to individual team members.

This is to ensure a speedy response as individual team members could be unavailable at any given time.

Telephone: 01924 600 480 – Option 1 (Renovotec Support)


Renovotec Support operates from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm Monday to Friday as standard.


Support Tickets

Support Tickets cover such items as not having the correct application installed on a device, not being able to configure a device to connect to a wireless network, or a wireless network not functioning as expected among other issues.

In these instances, we recommend that you call or email the Support Team, giving as much detail as possible to the Support Representative in order to resolve your issue as quickly as possible.

This will be details such as Company name, Post Code (if you have more than one site), contact name, contact telephone number, contact email address and a description of the issue including any relevant device serial number(s).

All emails received at the email address are automatically logged as tickets and are assigned unique ticket numbers for accountability and traceability purposes. When customers email Support, they should receive an automated response detailing the ticket number immediately.


Repair Requests

In the event an item of hardware is faulty and requires repair, our Repair Technicians will be on hand to inspect and repair the hardware to exceptionally high standards. In some instances, devices need to be returned directly to the manufacturer for repair. We can manage this process seamlessly for you, so you only have to contact our team for assistance.

The easiest way to raise a new RMA Request is on our website. You can find our dedicated RMA form here.

Alternatively, our Support Team are available via email or phone using the contact information in the Contacting Support section above.


Escalation Procedures

We strive to ensure instances of escalation are rare, but it’s important to us that our customers know procedures are in place should they wish to escalate issues. If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with the response or level of service from our Support Representatives, please use the escalation routes described below. In all instances though, Renovotec Support should be the first port of call for customer support.


Contact Escalation Level Telephone No. Email address
Renovotec Support 1 01924 600 480 Option 1
Faith Cohen 2 01924 600 480
Rob Page 3 01924 600 480