New Datalogic PowerScan™ 9600 Series Industrial Handheld Scanners

Datalogic is excited to announce the new PowerScan™ 9600 series of industrial handheld scanners. This flagship model brings much needed powerful new benefits to manufacturing, warehousing, and retail applications. The tough, rugged design, combined with wireless charging, interchangeable communications modules, and long-range STAR radio capability provides unmatched performance and reduced total cost of ownership that will guarantee many years of unparalleled performance.

The PowerScan 9600 will be available in corded and cordless versions, both of which offer a choice of interchangeable connectivity options. Whether for industrial or retail operations, Datalogic has you covered, with an interchangeable interface module. Regardless of whether you are connecting to an Industrial PC, tablet or PLC, the modules can be installed in just a few minutes right out of the box. Any network changes are also future proofed as the modules can quickly be swapped to adapt to a new communication protocol. The modules work perfectly with either the charging cradle or directly when used with corded scanners.

The cradle now offers wireless charging, thus eliminating the risks commonly associated with traditional contact-based charging cradles. Dirty or damaged contacts in the charging base lead to unscheduled downtime when battery performance is affected due to partial or no charge.

This technology ensures maximum productivity and massively improves Total Cost of Ownership for the enterprise. Remaining battery life is clearly indicated on the PowerScan 9600, as is the overall health of the device, alerting the user to carry out any predictive maintenance ahead of potential failure.

The rugged design of the PowerScan 9600 features an IP67 rated housing that withstands water and dust ingress in industrial environments, and even drops of up to 2.5m onto concrete floors, resisting the harshest usage in factories and warehouses. Such environments often impede wireless performance associated with so many Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi devices trying to work simultaneously in the same area. The PowerScan 9600 is equipped with a narrow-band STAR radio system, designed for long-range use, and unaffected by network interference and guarantees reliable, secure long-range communication.

The PowerScan 9600 really does exceed all expectations when it comes to reliability, flexibility, and unbeatable Total Cost of Ownership.

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