E-Commerce Shipping Solutions From Datalogic

Over the past 2 years, there has been a sharp increase with online shopping and e-commerce transactions. There is a definite correlation between the increased volumes of goods being purchased online to the increased need to offer the most transparent, efficient, and economical e-commerce shipping solutions for both the customer and the supplier of goods.

To successfully execute superior e-commerce delivery solutions, you need to understand the steps involved at each point from receiving the order, identifying the inventory, confirming delivery addresses, picking and packing of the goods, printing the label, verifying the order is complete and then progress to the shipping and delivery of the products to the customer’s doorstep.

Datalogic PDAs such as the Memor 10 and Memor 20 are the most flexible tool for e-commerce logistics management. Features that make these devices unique include a very large display, use of Android OS, excellent reading performance, durable and easily swappable batteries. These devices also offer all the needed characteristics both inside and outside of the four walls of the warehouse.

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Key Shipping Solutions Elements:

Proof Of Shipment

The proof of shipment is the beginning of the Last Mile delivery process. A driver takes the parcels and notifies the WMS by using his Datalogic PDA such as the Memor 20 or Memor 10. This step avoids any possible disputes on item responsibility/delivery and is typically a value added feature of the logistic centre ERP.

Virtually every transport and logistics supply chain nowadays demand end-to-end visibility and real-time tracking of every sub-assembly or component, from receiving incoming materials, storing individual items, combining items according to orders received, and shipping of these items to the next destination or to the end user.

Route Optimisation

Route optmisation is an expensive process for e-commerce companies: everybody is thinking of how to keep these costs under control. Therefore, route optimisation is key to making the business profitable. A PDA such as the Memor 20 is precious both to optimise the delivery and to easily communicate to the driver.

Once items leave a warehouse or Distribution Centre they are transported to their next or final destination. Just like every other step of the e-commerce process, travel distances and times are kept to a minimum wherever possible to meet on-time delivery targets and maximise company revenues.

Proof Of Delivery

Delivery is the final step of Last Mile Delivery, and the Proof Of Delivery (POD) is the very last step of the journey. The Memor 10 and Memor 20 are the ideal solution to identify the goods and collect customer signatures. A similar, opposite sequence is the starting phase of returns in reverse logistics.

Last mile delivery is the final stage of transporting goods to the delivery destination, which is either a business or residential address.

Datalogic Devices

Datalogic technologies can meet and surpass these needs from the moment the order is received. Through the inventory management, picking and packing, labelling, the loading and shipping. To the tracking and all the way through to the last mile delivery.

Memor 10 PDA

  • High performance 1D/2D scanning in a slim robust case with the ease of a swappable battery.
  • Complete with easy-to-use Android™ 9 which is upgradeable to Android™ 10.
  • Features Google Mobile Services (GMS). Google has also validated it to their ‘Android Enterprise Recommended’ program for rugged devices.
  • Runs on a superior octa-core platform.
  • Incorporates Datalogic’s industry first wireless charging system.
  • Embedded with wireless technologies for both indoor and outdoor activities.


Memor 20 PDA

  • Best-in-class rugged PDA with a 5.7” full HD display, with a novel secondary notification screen.
  • Incorporates the latest mobile computer technologies with its high powered 1D/2D scanning capabilities.
  • Powered by the superior Qualcomm Snapdragon® SD660 Octa-core platform clocked at 2.2GHz for top performance.
  • Features the user-friendly experience of Android™ 9(Pie) with Google Mobile Services (GMS).
  • Validated by Google for ‘Android Enterprise Recommended’ program for rugged devices.
  • Employs superior embedded wireless technologies for both indoor and outdoor scenarios.
  • Compact rugged design with an IP65 and IP67 sealing rating. It easily meets both inside and outside demands all the way through to the last mile delivery.

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