Embrace Unparalleled Efficiency With Extended-Range Scanning Solutions

How can extended-range scanning solutions transform your operations?

Bullet Proof Your Traceability Targets

Achieving full traceability in manufacturing, intralogistics and retail environments is the number one priority faced by businesses today when faced with fulfilling consumer delivery demands. You need a solution for handling the toughest jobs.

Embrace Unparalleled Efficiency With Extended-Range Scanning Solutions

Revolutionise your operations in transportation, logistics, manufacturing, and warehousing.

As part of your mobility solution in conjunction with Renovotec’s services, the new PowerScan 9600 Auto Range series scanners from Datalogic are IP65 and IP67 rated. They will withstand 2.5 m drops onto hard concrete and the trigger is tested to resist up to 10 million hits. Even though it is impervious to dirt and water, it is wirelessly charged in its cradle. No more device failure due to grimy or corroded charging contacts. Maximum performance whilst protecting your bottom line at a great price!

The flagship feature of the new Auto Range series is its scan engine. Which can effortlessly read barcodes from up close to an incredible 20 meters away. This makes it a game-changer in warehouse applications where both close-range and long-range scanning is required.

The PowerScan 9600 Auto Range series presents a compelling value proposition. Delivering a lower total cost of ownership through a combination of rugged design, wireless charging capability, and error-free communication features tailored to meet diverse business needs.

Warehouse managers will appreciate the long-term durability of these devices. Therefore, ensuring uninterrupted operation even in the largest distribution centres. Furthermore, the new Auto Range series provides audible and visual read feedback. Thus, offering users the flexibility to choose between standard devices or those equipped with a full keypad and large display.

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