Future Proofing Your Mobile Technology – Mobile Computing Buyers Guide

Adopting new technology or upgrading your existing fleet of mobile computers may be one of the most important things you can do for your business right now, but it can be an intimidating task to find the product that will match your needs and provide the most return on your investment.

Asking the right questions will help you narrow down your choices, and ensure you get precisely the product your company needs in order to keep growing into the future.

Explore below the top 6 questions you need to ask to ensure you future proof your mobile technology.

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1. What product features & options should be evaluated when selecting the best mobile computer?

  • Value – Pricing is one of the first things most companies consider when deciding which mobile computer to go with. However, the value of the right technology reaches far beyond the pound signs at purchase. Companies need to look at the total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Easy Of Use – Regardless of its function in your environment, a mobile computer should be simple to understand and easy to use.
  • Feature Set – Customisable feature sets and options allow you to configure a mobile computing device that precisely meets your operation’s unique needs, streamlines operations, and automates manual tasks.

2. Which mobile computing solution is best for your application & environment?

  • Form Factor – The best mobile computing form factor for your business will depend on the tasks you plan to support. for example intense scanning routines are made easier with a pistol-grip or handheld device to reduce fatigue. Tablets may be great for some front-end retail applications, but they aren’t ideal for use in warehouse inventory management applications.
  • Ruggedness – When you are choosing a mobile computer designed for your work environment, consider the conditions in which the devices will be used. Ruggedised devices are made to withstand harsh conditions
  • Ergonomics – Ergonomics are often overlooked in making decisions about mobile computing devices, but having hardware that is efficient and comfortable to use changes the game when it comes to productivity and worker safety.

3. How Will You Collect Data?

From inventory control to customer management, data is the driving force of your business. When selecting a mobile computing device, keep in mind the primary types of data your company collects, and how the data is entered.

  • Barcodes, Symbologies, and Tags – Consider whether you’ll need a mobile computer with a built in scanner that can handle any of the following: 1D/2D barcodes, FID or Digimarc and the range you need to scan these efficiently.
  • Touchscreen vs. Keypad – Touchscreens provide a faster, more comfortable input for most types of simple data. Whilst keypads, on the other hand, may be more familiar as you transition an older workforce to new devices or if the device you need doesn’t have touchscreen technology that supports use when employees are wearing heavy gloves.

4. Which types of connectivity and integrations are required?

  • Wireless Connectivity – Wireless connectivity is essential for your business, but the type of connectivity required will help determine which mobile computing devices are best suited to your application.
  • Operating System – The type of operating system you need will usually depend on the programs and applications you depend on to run your business. These can be Android based or terminal emulation.
  • Enterprise Software Integrations – Make sure your enterprise software seamlessly integrate with your devices, so you can get your new equipment up and running smoothly and efficiently. If you are running legacy software, you’ll want to look for a mobile computer that offers terminal emulation.

5. How often will employees use the mobile computers?

The amount of time your mobile computers spend in use, as well as when and where they will be used is another major factor in your decision. Make sure you get a mobile computer that offers sufficient battery life, charging capabilities, and mobile device management systems.

  • Battery Life and Charging Options – Few things are more frustrating than slow productivity due to insufficient battery life. If your mobile computing device will be used continuously for entire shifts, make sure you get a device with long lasting batteries, and that they are hot swappable if you’re running back to back shifts.
  • Mobile Device Management Systems – Make sure you have a device that’s compatible with the right MDM software for your business to avoid loss and ensure maximum productivity.

6. Consider the company and service behind the device

Upgrading your fleet of mobile devices gives you the power to grow your business and take control of your productivity like never before. But to bring it all together and implement new processes smoothly, you need to make sure you’ve got the right products from a reputable company with dependable service.

  • Warranty – Does the mobile computing device come with a warranty that will sufficiently cover the life of the device and protect your purchase? Are there extended warranty options?
  • Tech Support – Do you have the support you need in order to efficiently manage potential technical difficulties.
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