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As a frontline worker, you’re willing to go anywhere that duty calls. Vehicles, entire manufacturing plant floors and even whole cities become your workspace. But when you’re out there, you can’t be disconnected from your team, your information or your tasks at hand. To go anywhere, everything has to go with you.

See how the power of Windows 10 and Zebra rugged windows tablets can get you there. Explore the key solutions below. Contact us for further information.

Field Service.


Public Safety.

Field Services and Utilities

Go the Extra Mile

Make the most of every stop and operate on the same OS as office teams for a unified, supported experience in the field. When you’re driving, delivering or responsible for powering your town, you want to be able to free up your hands to do your job safely, anywhere. With Zebra tablets you can do your best work from any site – or even your vehicle – using Windows 10 to run the applications that keep you going.

Hands-Free Connectivity

Mount your tablet to access location information while keeping your hands on the wheel. Zebra tablets let you securely dock and quickly undock so you can use the same device while you’re driving and on the go. When you do have a free hand, touchscreens that perform in any condition and rugged handle options deliver just the functionality you need – no matter where the job takes you.

Cover Your Back

Need to check on an invoice problem? Maybe a road closed, your route changed or something’s missing on the truck. Make video calls, access schematics, find an alternate route and locate inventory all from one tablet. You can even take photos and capture signatures for split-second proof of delivery – and total peace of mind.

Paperwork Minus the Paper

Take all your records with you digitally. Using a tablet to access, complete, send and store paperwork drastically cuts time spent on recording and locating data. Plus, you instantly gain a greener and cleaner operation when you give workers devices that are eco-friendly and easy to clean.

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Public Safety

Transform into a Proactive Police Department

Your force deserves secure, action-ready technology that can handle the elements, but that’s also portable and easy to dock and undock in seconds. With drop-proof design and non-reflective glass, your tablet can go with you wherever a call takes you, at any time – day or night. Gain greater visibility and situational awareness with flexible rugged devices, purpose-built specifically for the conditions law enforcement must endure.

Less Paperwork, More Protection

Paperless reporting can cut hours from officers’ days – giving them more time to do what’s important – protect their communities. Police officers can take notes while on foot, capture and store photographic evidence, issue e-citations and quickly get reports to downstream systems.

Work in the Station and in the Field

With the robust, run-anything Windows 10 platform and the ability to integrate with CAD systems, you can totally transform your emergency response team. Dispatch and officers can stay connected, while first responders get real-time updates about changing situations that help them know where they’re needed most in that moment.

Attract and Engage Recruits

Policework has an enduring legacy – but legacy technology like outdated, fixed vehicle devices limit what officers can achieve, especially as the job becomes more challenging. Introducing modern technology not only helps attract and retain new recruits, but empowers officers to take their own initiative while on the job. It’s next-gen intelligence for this generation’s heroes.

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Plant the Seed for Better Performance

Whatever you convert, assemble or build, being on the production floor requires you to be both mobile and connected – for both productivity as well as safety. Managers and workers stay in touch and work in tandem with the powerful Windows 10 operating system and Zebra rugged tablets.

More Mobility, Better Maneuvering

In large, tightly packed facilities you need technology that can traverse distance and obstacles, alike. When you have truly mobile technology, it increases your ability to be agile. Carry it by a handle, wear it on a shoulder strap or mount it on a cart or forklift. Whatever your preference, grab your tablet when you’re ready to go – it’s that easy to take intelligence anywhere.

Big OS Power for Equal-Sized Operations

As the technology and business landscape becomes more intense and complex, enterprise workers need operating power that can run multiple, large applications 24/7. Combining Wi-Fi and even cellular-ready, Zebra rugged tablets with Windows 10 lets you run everything you need, including SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Office 365 applications and WMS programs.

Make Everyone a Team Player

Field Services and Utilities Public Safety Manufacturing The Solutions Looking for ways to empower your workers to achieve better results? Put the power in their hands as well as your own. Easily create pre-shift huddles, give employees access to important, real-time alerts and more. From managing workforces with easy-to-execute task lists to daily group memos, you can connect and encourage teams across the entire facility with screens big enough to easily read. Plus, with the built-in camera they are video-call enabled.

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Key Solutions

Contact us for further information & pricing

Contact us for further information & pricing


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