Handheld SP500X ScanPrinter Is Revolutionising Logistics Efficiency

The SP500X ScanPrinter brings an evolutionary leap in package handling.

The SP500X is a unique wearable scan-and-print solution that integrates 2D imaging, inkjet printing and wireless communication in one device. It’s designed to create a revolution in high-volume logistic operations that use manual scanning and labelling to sort packages.

With its integrated printer and Wi-Fi, the SP500X is truly mobile—you can quickly scan and print directly on packages anywhere in your facility, all while keeping both hands free.

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Patented technology that eliminates the need for additional paper labels.

The SP500X, using patented technology from HP, is ideal for warehousing, package delivery and logistics. It offers a robust, easy-to-use and high-performance printing solution that prints directly on packages or other surfaces – eliminating the cost, hassle and mislabelling errors of printed labels – revolutionising order fulfilment, package sortation, warehouse management systems, cross-docking and other distribution systems.

Key user benefits:

  • Improved package-handling efficiency
  • Improved scanning and sorting accuracy
  • Flexibility and agility, frees workers to execute scanning tasks on the go
  • Productivity and safety, gives workers uninterrupted freedom to use both hands
  • Dependability of patented technology from HP
  • Versatility to print on plain paper, kraft paper, packing tape, coated labels, polypropylene, polyester or polyethylene plastic.

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