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See Beyond Data with Intelligent Visibility into Distribution Centre Operations

Operational Intelligence is a centralised, cloud-based platform to manage the complete lifecycle, operational visibility and performance analysis of assets, people and tasks.

With embedded hardware sensors designed into Honeywell products, the solution continuously extracts performance data that is periodically sent to the cloud for analysis.

Operational Intelligence provides an intuitive user interface to your IT assets’ performance metrics. As well as delivering actionable insights that bridge the gap commonly missed by Asset Management or Mobile Device Management solutions.

Explore further down 8 reasons why your company should deploy our Operational Intelligence solution.

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8 Reasons to Deploy Operational Intelligence:

1. Activate Social Distance & Proximity Detection

Performance Professional has the unique ability to leverage the lost device recovery Bluetooth features of our Mobility Edge™ devices. Thus enabling them to detect and warn workers who may be working closer than the Social Distance guidelines allow for. As Bluetooth sensors in Honeywell Mobility Edge devices can sense other Honeywell devices, and generate a warning message to both devices. These events are also logged in the Performance Professional dashboard to support you in locating workers who might have experienced close contact during the work day.

2. Empower Workers With Device Cleaning Manager

Device Cleaning Manager allows IT administrators to define device alerts to trigger on a worker’s mobile computer at predefined times. Hence they can instruct workers to perform any designated cleaning processes. For example, cleaning the mobile device itself before ending the shift to support worker safety. This solution also can require the employee to electronically acknowledge they performed the work instruction as required.

3. Monitor The Number Of People Entering And Exiting A Build Or Zone

Customer Counter, a special web App built into Performance Professional supports any organisation that needs to monitor the number of people entering and exiting a building or zone. This simple but robust cloud-based counting App allows multiple workers to monitor the entry and exit of people through every door. Whilst accurately tracking the total number of people who are currently in the building and instantly adjusting the total capacity allowed in the building to keep up with changing capacity limits. There is also built-in warning limits that can be defined to support your store capacity monitors. So that you know when to begin to delay building entry. Customer Counter is supported on any mobile device that supports a browser.

4. Match Device Serial Numbers To Worker Names Or IDs

Asset Check-out/Check-in is a new feature included in Performance Professional that allows organisations to match device serial numbers to worker names or IDs. It supports many key solutions in the Performance Professional family. Such as lost device recovery, social distance monitoring, the cleaning device manager and even the drop device monitor. Now with Asset Check-out/Check-in when a device is dropped not only is the event timestamped and logged. But the worker’s name and ID is also recorded. Asset Check-out/Check-in is supported on any mobile device that supports a browser.

5. Quickly Recover Lost Mobile Computers

If your organisation loses an unacceptable number of mobile computers every month, Performance Professional likely can help. Performance Professional includes a device tracking mechanism that uses Wi-Fi or Cellular to get you within feet of where the device was last known to be. Then, with the aide of a powerful Device Finder App, the known last location zone is searched for the lost device’s Bluetooth® beacon. Once the beacon is detected, the lost device’s beeper can be activated for quick retrieval.

6. Prevent Overspend On Replacing Batteries

Operational Intelligence has brought an amazing new level of intelligence to battery management. What the data often shows is that many organisations are experiencing uneven usage of their batteries. While most batteries at a site are reaching the end of their useful life at an expected rate. There are times that up to 30% of site batteries are experiencing much lighter usage. Many organisations replace all their batteries at the same time. As they are unable to accurately know when batteries are worn out and which still have many months of life in them. Performance Basic and Performance Professional can easily show you exactly where you are with your battery life. And even help you quickly purge bad batteries from usage.

With a unique Bad Battery Alert solution, you can remotely configure your mobile devices with your definition of a Bad Battery. This Bad Battery Alert solution is constantly analysing your worker’s batteries. It will then notify them when they need to be replaced. This unique App can even block your workers from starting their shift with a Bad Battery. Finally, you have the information you need to make informed battery replacement decisions.

7. Save Time And Money On Printer Management

Operational Intelligence has many new features to support organisations with critical deployments of Honeywell printers. Performance Basic reports key preventative maintenance information. Such as when dots on a print head are no longer printing signalling time for a print head cleaning event. Or even when a new print head is required. Additionally, Performance Professional supports a new printer media alert manager that can send alert emails to key personnel when a printer is low or out of ribbon. As well as when it is low or out of media. Both key features are critical to keeping your printers up and running.

Another great money saving feature of Performance Basic and Professional is their ability to report on media consumption. Some organisations use this data to monitor for media waste. While others use it to reorder media in a timely manner to prevent costly overspending on unneeded media and ribbons. This is a perfect set of features to pilot so you can see for yourself how Operational Intelligence can save you money.

8. Take Advantage Of A Low Cost Alternative To A Full Mobile Device Manager

While Operational Intelligence is very unique from all MDM solutions because of the device sensor data it can access, the Software Updates portion of Performance Professional has proven to be an effective light version of a classic MDM. Performance Professional Software Updates can remotely configure Honeywell mobile computers, printers and scanners with an easy to use file push feature. In addition, Software Updates can also push out operating system files, application files, printer and scanner firmware. As well as, most importantly, security update files.

Performance Basic has a dedicated graphical dashboard that quickly allows you to see if your devices are running the file revisions you intended. Performance Professional can even support mobile device remote control and remote wipe. Which allows your support staff to save time and perhaps money in shipping devices for unneeded hands-on analysis. If you don’t currently have a MDM, reach out for a demo of the new Performance Professional MDM-lite feature set.


Operational Intelligence is comprised of several productivity features designed to support you getting the most out of your IT asset investment. Download Guide

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