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How Renovotec, Honeywell & SOTI Keep Retail Technology Simple in an Evolving Digital World

An overwhelming amount of complex retail technology has been introduced to the sector, in a desperate attempt to revolutionise how the sector modernises and adapts to improve its omnichannel experiences.

From supply chain disruption, retail sales decline, a shrinking market, the past twelve months have been a significantly challenging time. For both retail and their operations. SOTI introduced their latest Retail report in January this year. This report highlights all the global results collated from over 10,000 global respondents.

Renovotec has partnered with SOTI and Honeywell on this article to share some unique insight into how retailers and supply chain organisations operating can help stay focused and keep to the mobile-critical technology updates.


Retail Technology for Experience Enhancements

There are two core ways this is crucial. One in-store and one at the back-end in the distribution centres. They must work in tandem since they are both inter-reliant. Additionally the new omnichannel experience means stock levels fluctuate minute by minute. Often faster than in store can keep up with online purchases and returns. A new revolution to the retail channel shopping experience this past 12 months.

“The consumer uses technology in retail stores to drive a better retail experience for themselves. Whether this is about exact product location in store, accuracy of stock in store or the ability to order immediately in store, pay and then gain delivery direct to the home address. This all requires use of robust WIFI and other core infrastructure to keep that technology for inventory and supply chain operations alive in store, as well as open core communication with the distribution centre focused on orders and returns. This is all central to the core retail experience that the consumer has, which needs to stay protected for loyalty and future revenue protection.” States Richard Gillard Managing Director of Renovotec.

Unique experiences

To highlight this point, the report found that 46% of respondents in the UK (50% globally) prefer to shop with retailers who offer an experience based on their individual preferences.

“With the expansion of facilities and drive in growth, there are a broader mix and quantity of devices to manage. The risk of them being misplaced or lost is high. Having a device tracking solution such as SOTI’s indoor location, enables devices to be located based on their connection to a nearby Wi-Fi access point. This information is displayed visually for ease of location on an interactive map for IT administrators to resolve issues simply and efficiently, in real-time”. States Faki Saadi, Regional Sales Director UK, Ireland and France at SOTI.

The ability to wipe stolen or lost devices centrally though SOTI MobiControl is a reassuringly quick way to reduce downtime. As well as minimise security risks and protect customers and company date in one go.


Getting More From Your Device Investment

As this intense device growth and adoption continues, being able to find devices which have multiple uses and can be shared amongst colleagues between shifts easily and safely is key. The Honeywell CT47 for example, can be used whether working remotely in field, in huge warehouses and remote distribution centres. Where ruggedised features are key, through to the retail stores themselves. This is now a main driver for a 3 or 4 year device ROI.

A further impact for device investment longevity is a robust way to configure and damage devices. Especially in a warehouse environment where users share devices. As well as in retail stores when multiple different customers use the same devices.

“Keeping data save and protected is key and an effective EMM is the key way to ensure organisations are compliant and safe from breaches. Different users have different logins and user profiles. Users are alerted when batteries are running low, and they need to be returned to their decking stations for recharging. This helps avoid downtime and keeps all users satisfied on their shifts”. States Faki Saadi, Director of Sales at SOTI for UK, Ireland and France.

SOTI XSight enables a clear view of all devices on the network. Including their battery health, their status and their performance. Assessing devices in the file using real- time data enables IT Teams to foresee and notify any foreseen changes across device types. As well as ensure that organisations do not simply replace devices when issues arise.


Delivery and Return Accuracy is Crucial

Effective inventory management actively influences delivery accuracy and the information that organisations must send further down the supply chain to the customer. In retail, inventory reigns king, requiring organisations to operationally set up to respond to macro forces and events. As well as be agile to new processes for improvement.

According to the SOTI Retail report, two-thirds (66%) of UK and global consumers expect to know where their order is always within the delivery process. Whilst 62% of UK consumers (61% globally) agree they shop with the brands that can deliver goods the fastest. When it comes to ordering items, the top three options for UK consumers are front door home delivery at 56% (52% globally), in-home delivery via smart lock at 14% (13% globally) and in-store collection at 13% (14% globally).

“The challenge of return logistics is still prevalent. Customer behavioural changes since the pandemic have shifted and retailers need to still catch up. 59% of UK consumers (55% globally) agree they are more likely to shop from an online retailer that provides multiple options to return a product” State Ricard Gilliard. “Having a returns process that is easy to use, enables products to be accounted for and updates the customer along the journey is key for survival in this ever-changing sector.”

With 48% of UK consumers (54% globally) preferring a more sustainable way to return goods this is also adding a sustainability and environmental dynamic to the returns process for retailers at the same time.

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