Intelligent Mobile Devices Pave The Way To The Future For Retailers & Food Service

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Retailers have been under pressure in recent years to adopt new technologies that will make them nimbler and enhance the customer experience. Pressure to change intensified for retailers in early 2020 when the fast-spreading COVID-19 pandemic forced businesses to adjust quicker than they expected. Suddenly, while shops and restaurants had to shut, aspirational capabilities such as click-and-collect capabilities became immediate requirements.

Rugged mobile devices traditionally have been purpose-built, performing functions for specific jobs or industries. But a new generation of devices have arrived on the market with powerful processors, messaging capabilities, crystal-clear displays, cameras, scanning functionality and a host of other features.

The latest mobile technology can help retailers be more efficient and productive in the form of enterprise-grade, multifunction devices that allow them to seamlessly switch from one task to another, allowing them to receive notifications when customers arrive at curbside, connect with inventory systems to keep shelves stocked, verify order shipments and deliveries, and support contactless transactions.

To keep one step ahead of their competitors, retailers need to embrace this latest technology and look for new ways to leverage other innovations. They must adapt to new shopping realities, like considering the effects caused by the pandemic today, or risk losing business. Consumers, whose habits have been shaped by the convenience of online shopping, have become more demanding when shopping in stores.

For instance, a recent survey by Shekel Brainweigh Ltd. revealed that 87% of shoppers would rather shop in stores with touchless or robust self-checkout options. And as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers are less likely to visit stores for non-essential trips*. Nearly one third (30%) of consumers in another survey said they’ve eliminated non-essential trips to stores, and 52% said they have heavily reduced their trips^.

Datalogic offers a family of rugged PDAs mobile computers for use in multiple industries, from warehousing and logistics to retail and food service. Newer models such as the Memor 10 and Memor 20 are shaped just like smartphones for familiarity and easy handling. These Android-based devices feature 1D/2D scanners, crystal-clear colour displays, full connectivity indoors and out, and powerful chipsets that support a multitude of functions. Both are ruggedised and support wireless charging.

Download the white paper below in full to explore all the latest Datalogic mobile retail solutions for:

  • Checkout
  • Queue-busting
  • Self-scanning / Self-shopping
  • In-Store Online Order Fulfilment
  • Buy Online Pickup in Store (BOPIS)
  • Curbside Pickup
  • Last Mile Delivery

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* Retail Customer Experience, “COVID-19 drives grocery shoppers to self-checkout.”

^ MyTotalRetail, “Consumer Demand for BOPIS and Virtual Service Increases in Light of COVID-19.”


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