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Knowledge & Frequently Asked Questions

Laser Printers FAQ

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+ Resetting the Maint. Counter on a Lexmark C750 – Find out more

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Line / Matrix Printers FAQ

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+ Line Printers vs Serial Dot Matrix Printers – Find out more

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Office Printing FAQ

+ Colour or Black and White? – Find out more

+ Printers or Multifuntion Devices – Find out more

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Thermal Printing FAQ

+ Which Bar Code Should I Use? – Find out more

+ Why are Labels Important to my Thermal Printer? – Find out more

+ Choosing The Right Thermal Printer – Find out more

+ How to stop wrinkly ribbons and basic cleaning video – Find out more

+ Clearing / Cleaning the Platen Roller – Find out more

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  • Calibrating the Media Sensor
  • Change Media Sensor Setting
  • Changing Media Settings
  • Getting the IP address
  • Unlocking the keypad



"We needed reliable, robust hardware at keen prices, which Renovotec was able to provide" says Accolade Wines’ Senior Inventory Manager. "We had a good look at other companies but this was the one we thought was best."

"Our analysis shows a significant increase in both the items and tonnage picked per hour" says Henry Colbeck’s Financial Director. A snapshot voice performance sample revealed that the tonnage per hour was 29% higher.

"The VM3 rugged devices enable our drivers to be productive from the minute they sit in the Straddle Carrier cab. The touch screen provides ease of use for the driver and the VM3 connectivity options allows our GPS and PLC Systems to be fully integrated. This gives full operational and engineering visibility. Couple that with Solid State Disks means that the unit is very robust for the port environment." Stated Systems Manager, DP World Southampton.

"We now have robust, secure and reliable narrowband network coverage across our site. We’ve also deployed Zebra’s XT15 rugged mobile and Zebra VH10 vehicle-mounted computers that are designed to cope with our industrial environment and connect to both our narrowband and Wi-Fi networks. Add to this the assurance of service and support from Renovotec and we have the trusted platform our teams need to continually connect to our ERP application." Stated MIS manager, the Port of Tilbury

"Renovotec were able to provide the best support and repair package, and match the competition on price," said IMT Managing Director. "We feel very happy having them as a partner in the growth of our business. "This combination of performance and reliability is already creating clear benefits to IMT and its network of clinics"

"Massive thanks to you and your company for resolving our technical issues. Excellent, professional service provided with literally no notice at all. I wish I came to you guys originally, and certainly will going forwards" stated Melrose Textile Co’s Operations Manager

"Can I just firstly say that your Field Technician did a fantastic job on Tuesday. We had got the wearables to a point of configuration but there was still a quite a bit of work to do and ultimately your field technician was invaluable to us on the day sorting these issues out" stated Portwest’s Shift Manager