Introducing Last Mile Logistics Software from Honeywell. Delivering The Future

What do Your Customers Think About the Deliveries They Receive From You? Delighted, Unpredictable or Reliably Later than Promised?


Are you hungry for efficiency, cost savings and a way to grow into the exploding eCommerce opportunity? If you want to take control of your customers’ delivery experience and cut cost; if you see an opportunity to use crowdsourcing as a delivery option; if your business wants to move intelligently into an Omnichannel logistics model, then you will find the solution to what you are searching for below.

What is FAREYE?

Honeywell has partnered with FarEye to deliver a robust SaaS package delivery management platform that maximises delivery efficiency while providing a customer-friendly experience. We all know what it’s like to be on the receiving end of a bad delivery experience, including your customers. Challenges like delivery delays, lack of flexible delivery times, inaccurate addresses and first attempt failures negatively impact the customer experience and profitability of your business. FarEye was built to put you back in the command tower of your deliveries, giving you complete visibility of the entire shipment process all the way to your customer’s smiling face.

FAREYE software can optimise logistics in three key ways

1. Advanced Last Mile Execution Platform:

An effective last mile execution platform with sophisticated routing algorithms (loop optimisation, dynamic routing) to enable driver efficiency, customer satisfaction and cost savings.

2. Actionable Predictive Visibility Platform:

Real-time transportation visibility platform that helps manufacturers, shippers and transporters achieve end-to end predictive visibility through IoT-driven tracking of assets and shipments.

3. Customer Delight Across the Purchase Journey:

Integrated web and mobile platform for retailers to deliver a superior customer experience through personalisation of deliveries, post-purchase experience and real-time visibility. FarEye software is multilingual and its mobile app (both iOS and Android) can adapt to geographic-specific logistics processes.

From the start of the manufacturing process to final delivery on the customer’s doorstep – no matter where in the world – Honeywell’s partnership with FarEye optimises multi-step delivery processes to help businesses improve efficiency and reduce unnecessary delays that eat into profits and decrease customer satisfaction.

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