Introducing The Most Powerful Retail Scanner-Scale Solution From Datalogic

Datalogic is excited to announce the release of the new Magellan 9600i and 9900i Bi-optic Scanner platform series for Retail check-out.

Retail has evolved from traditional front-end check-outs to those with more emphasis on customer self-service

Giving shoppers greater flexibility and a more enjoyable check-out experience. Unfortunately, this added complexity results in more operational errors or opportunities for theft at check-out. This a possible headache for retailers, but not if they choose the new and unique first solution from Datalogic, giving new meaning to truly unassisted self-check-out lanes.

The Magellan 9600i and Magellan 9900i are the only true choices

Bringing fresh styling, unmatched ergonomics, rugged design, and breath-taking scanning performance to your retail operation. The built-in Artificial Intelligence capabilities help to deploy sophisticated machine learning algorithms to assist shoppers and ensure loss prevention.

Datalogic achieved this world-first breakthrough by utilising the latest generation of multi-core processors and high-definition cameras that can rapidly read the most complex 1D and 2D symbology over a wider viewing area. Two optional “smart” colour cameras and machine-learning hardware technology bring AI to the edge, ensuring that the Magellan is already equipped to meet the requirements of the current and next-generation self-check-out systems.

Retailers have the freedom to choose from three lengths and two heights, facilitating a simple “drop-In” to existing check stands. The 9600i and 9900i also have the widest possible connectivity to accessories that is second to none, with colour-coded cables and ports for simple and fast installation.

As retailers migrate towards self-check-out, they become painfully aware of losses attributed to largely unintentional thefts, costing many thousands per year. These losses usually result from items left in or under the cart or erroneously moved to the bagging area without scanning or weighing them first. Datalogic provides the option to add an integrated ethernet switch so that external cameras can be linked directly to the scanner, creating an intelligent and innovative “Zone of Cognition” for POS and SCO systems.

The previous generations of Magellans already offered industry-leading performance. The new 9600i and 9900i are truly a world first and represent the pinnacle of multi-plane bi-optic scanners available today. The inclusion of AI technology brings future-proof human-like intelligence that best-in-class retail operations have always been striving for. The best really has gotten better.

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