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Management Information

Renovotec has a wide range of reports that can be used to monitor performance, and predict future print requirements and strategy.

We manage all printers by individual serial number. Only by doing this can we make accurate and ongoing recommendations about further cost savings or increases in efficiency opportunities.

We will hold regular review meetings with you. During these meeting your account manager will go through a series of reports so that any issues can be highlighted, discussed and a course of action agreed.

To make more efficient and productive use of your organisation’s printers, Renovotec gives you all the information you need.

This includes:

  • Detailed reports: Relaying to you all relevant facts and figures about processes and usage, including fault analysis by site and printer
  • Asset management: Current and up to date asset register of maintained printer base by serial number and location.
  • Predictive analysis: we can use our detailed information to help predict failure and usage patterns.
  • Print strategy: making the best use of your equipment to fulfil your business-critical needs
  • Financial planning: the reports can be used to help provide information for budget allocation and printer replacement.
  • Bespoke analysis: because we have developed our own systems, we have in-built flexibility that allows us to extract a wide variety of bespoke data, depending on unique customer requirements.

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