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Managing technology’s role in the distributed workforce

As industries decentralise and break away from traditional ways of working, the need for groundbreaking innovations to complement an ever-broadening scope of work is growing.

SOTI 2023 Report – When Work is Anywhere: Managing Technology’s Role in The Distributed Workforce


If an employee is no longer fixed to one consistent location, how does this impact their role and technological requirements?

As the distributed workforce grows, the device ecosystem becomes more complex. Thus, companies need to depend on technology that securely manages devices that are now located anywhere.

Key UK Findings In Report:

  • 97% said one or more of the IT technology and applications asked about are managed in-house (NET)
  • 96% said their organisation saw increases in one or more of the changes experienced in the last 12 months (NET)
  • 85% said one or more of the IT technology and applications asked about are outsourced (NET)
  • 76% said their organisation saw decreases in one or more of the changes experienced in the last 12 months (NET)
  • 74% can track any devices (mobile/rugged/company-provided/employee-owned) on premises or remotely (NET)

The results explored in this report point to a global transition occurring among more distributed organisations of all sizes across the surveyed sectors. Some countries and sectors have taken a more proactive approach in facilitating a distributed workforce. But, it should also be noted that some will be embarking from starting points that are more advanced than others.

With the current pace of change, futureproofing is as critical as ever across all regions and sectors. While organisations have started to grasp the evolving distributed workforce and the technology required to manage it, when it comes to the volume and mix of devices that will secure ultimate productivity and job satisfaction, it is a process that is just beginning.

SOTI’s latest Distributed Workforce Industry Report is here with all the answers. Request your copy today

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