Meeting Today’s Retail Challenges with Technology Investments

Thin margins and constant customer demands are a fact of life for retailers, and this keeps the industry on a constant search for mobile technology and solutions for operational efficiencies and cost-cutting opportunities.

Technology and automation are at the core of retailer strategies to spruce up brick-and-mortar locations and for online orders. Retailers need to improve inventory management to address supply chain disruptions, accelerate checkouts to enhance customer experience, and refine curbside pickup and BOPIS (buy online, pick up in store) processes to satisfy shoppers.

In spring 2020, research firm NielsenIQ found that 72% of consumers globally were omnichannel shoppers, often using digital channels “to research, compare prices, and hunt for the right deals before deciding whether to leave home to make the purchase at a physical store or buy it online.”

With all kinds of different buzz words floating around such as: online shopping, self-checkout, self-shopping, click and collect, etc it might sometimes appear difficult to define needs and solutions. Renovotec & Datalogic have developed a full set of retail solutions that fit your business requirements and offers you the flexibility to choose products that match your individual requirements.

These solutions, ensures the flawless moving of your products from the point of arrival up to your store or your customer. They can also help you to manage all customer orientated tasks such as assisted sales and shelf replenishment and at the same time turn into self-shopping pods in the hands of your customers.

Whether your POS is assisted or organised as a self-checkout, you can be sure that their fixed retail scanners make the experience for your customer fast and reliable. At the same time, you will not have to worry about what is happening in your warehouse for online orders, as Datalogic’s vehicle mount computers secure every moving good, while their stationary scanners guide the sorting systems in distribution centres.

In Summary

The retail industry will always face challenges. Be they margin pressure, staffing shortages, supply chain issues or evolving customer demands, retailers must constantly re-evaluate their systems and processes to make refinements where and when needed. Technology plays a major role in this process by delivering efficiencies that improve operations, productivity and customer experience.

For best return on investment, retailers should approach automation and omnichannel implementations strategically and methodically. That means starting with solutions that deliver the most value and address the most pressing needs. Retailers should then build on each solution to achieve a comprehensive automation and omnichannel strategy. In so doing, retailers can better focus their staff on customer-facing tasks to promote their brand and improve the overall customer experience. As a global leader in retail technology, Datalogic in conjunction with Renovotec can help retailers leverage solutions like AI, machine vision, mobile devices and handheld solutions.

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