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Our Workshop

Return to base and board level repair facilities.

Our Workshop & RepairsReturn to Base (RTB)

We operate flexible service contracts on a RTB basis. These contracts are suited more to smaller devices such as the mobile wireless printers.

It is often more economical to use a return to base facility than operate a full on site service package for such devices.

Renovotec offers a flexible approach including:

  • Standard Return to base
  • Advanced Return to Base
  • Single or batched returns
  • SLA driven return to site – guaranteed turn around.

QA and Pre-Installation Preparation

We can offer a bespoke service to prepare printers prior to site installation. This is especially useful for larger roll outs and we have the capability to provide bespoke builds, configurations and testing – before the printer ever reaches your site. This can include preparing the device with correct IP address or ESSID for automatic installation to your networks.

Workshop Repair

Our workshop enables us to repair a wide range of devices down to a board a level diagnosis and repair. This enables us to keep older devices in service longer, even when parts are no longer readily available.