Outdated Printer Services

Renovotec support and maintain all types of printers, over the years we have acquired specialised knowledge with a number of manufacturer’s products.

Looking after your old fossils

We can help with a wide range of older printer models from manufacturer’s such as Fujitsu, Datasouth, Genicom, Intermec, UBI, RJS, Printronix and Mannesmann Tally.


If you have any of the following models or brands of printers then we will be able to help with a wide range of service offerings, including servicing or repair, maintenance, consumables and upgrading, if required. Don’t worry, if your particular printer is not on the list, if it is of a similar nature to any of those below we will be able to help. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Fujtsu Band Printers

  • Fujitsu M3040 band printer

  • Fujitsu M3041 band printer

  • Fujitsu M3042 band printer

  • Fujitsu M3043 band printer

Datasouth Serial Matrix Impact Printers

  • Datasouth Performax

  • Datasouth Performax A600

  • Datasouth Performax C600

  • Datasouth Performax T600

  • Datasouth Documax A3300

  • Datasouth Documax A3301

  • Datasouth Documax A3302

  • Datasouth DS180

  • Datasouth DS220

  • Datasouth DS400

  • Datasouth XL300

  • Datasouth XL400

Genicom Line Printers

  • Genicom 4800 Series Line printers

  • Genicom 5000 Series Line printers

Intermec Thermal Printers / UBI Thermal Printers

  • UBI 201

  • UBI 301

  • UBI 401

  • UBI 501

  • UBI 601

Printronix Line Printers

  • Printronix P5000 Series Line Printer

  • Printronix P4280 Series Line Printer

IBM Line Printers

  • IBM 6400 Series Line Printer

  • IBM 6408 Series Line Printer

RJS Thermal Printers / Eltron Thermal Printers

  • RJS QB440

  • RJS QB450

  • RJS QB485

  • RJS TB260

Mannesmann Tally Line and Serial Matrix Printers

  • MT 661

  • MT691

  • T6082

  • T6092

  • T6045

  • T6050

  • T6090

  • T6100

  • T6141

  • T6180

  • Tallycom, Tallycom Print Server

Please contact us for further information.

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